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Newly Acquired Skill

Last August I started teaching myself to knit. I’d been wanting to learn for quite awhile but was finally motivated to give it a try after my great Aunt gave me (and several other family members) a knitted dishcloth. She was just headed home from our family reunion last summer when she handed my mom a pile of knitted dishcloths and told her to give one to each of her sisters. Well there were 3 extras so my mom gave one each to a couple of my cousins and one to me! I was so excited! I came right home and found some cotton yarn I’d gotten in a knitting kit at a yard for maybe $1! It also had a pair of knitting needles the perfect size. I found the same pattern my great Aunt had used and got started right away! You can find the pattern, Grandmother’s Favorite, here. There are lots of other great free knitting and crochet patterns available on the main site found here. That first dishcloth only involved two stitches, the knit stitch and yarnovers. I found a great website, Knitting Help.com, which has videos for teaching all the different kinds of stitches! I still reference that website when I need a refresher or want to learn a new stitch. A quick side note: I’ve been collecting knitting needles for a couple years in anticipation of someday learning to knit. I’ve found almost everything I have at yard and rummage sales!!!

After making many different dishcloths in several different patterns I decided to tackle something a little harder. Ok, some may say a lot harder since I was still a newbie knitter. I wanted to use my newly learned skills to make some gifts for my family for Christmas. So after joining the message board at Knitting Help.com and finding an adorable pattern for slippers I decided to take the plunge. I found the pattern for only $4.49 + free shipping at Diva Knitting.com. (The price is now $4.99 + free shipping.) I ordered my wool yarn from Knit Picks. They have a great selection and awesome prices! I let the boys each pick out there own colors for their slippers. They had a lot of fun choosing! I worked on the slippers every night after all the boys were asleep and had all 3 pair done right around Thanksgiving! I also bought yarn to make slippers for Scott and myself but had to wait to order the adult size pattern as it wasn’t in stock at the time. I finally did get the pattern for our slippers but have not taken the time to make them yet. Maybe before next Christmas! 😉 A side note: I did have to purchase different size needles to make these slippers. I was able to get what I needed at A.C. Moore using a 40 or 50% off coupon!

Since making the slippers I’ve just been trying new dishcloth patterns. Cotton yarn is inexpensive and can be found easily at craft stores and Walmart. Craft stores often have the smaller skeins on sale or you can use a 40 or 50% off coupon to get one of the big skeins or cones! I have lots of other free patterns bookmarked but don’t have the funds to buy the yarn (mostly wool) and needles needed to make them.

Below are some pictures of some of the dishcloths I’ve made. I’ve added links so you can try them out for yourself if you want to.

Purled Ladder Cloth
I made this as a washcloth for John for his Christmas stocking. He thinks it looks like a paint horse. 🙂
John's Cloth

John's Cloth2

Alex’s Cloth
I just love the colors in this yarn!


Blissfull Moss Rib Cloth
I made this as a washcloth for Noah for his Christmas stocking. He loves the bright colors! It really matches his personality. 🙂
Noah's cloth

Noah's cloth2

Same pattern as above.
blissful moss

blissfull moss2

Woven Dishcloth
I made this cloth for Isaiah for his Christmas stocking. I finished it well before Christmas but don’t have any pictures of it all done.
Isaiah's cloth

I’ve made several other cloths but haven’t taken pictures of them yet. I made the Chinese Waves dishcloth shortly after teaching myself to knit. I made the Baby Fern Stitch cloth in the same hot pink color as the link for this baby if it is a girl. I’ve made a couple picture cloths for my brother and his wife. Picture cloths look like this. This is not one of the ones I made but it gives you an idea of what I’m talking about. By alternating knit and purl stitches you can create pictures of anything you want from animals and plants to people and places. After I’ve sent off the package to my brother and sister (-in-law) I’ll share pictures of the ones I actually made. I’m also making them a third one (not a picture cloth) which I’ll share later as well. I’ve made several others, too, but need to get the info and pictures together before I post them here.

So now on to pictures of the slippers I made for the boys for Christmas. I don’t have any pictures of them after being felted but I’ll take some pictures of them finished and add them soon.

John’s pair
John's slippers

John's slippers2

Noah’s pair
Noah's slippers

Noah's slippers2

Isaiah’s pair ~ Color is more accurate in the first picture.
Isaiah's slippers
Isaiah's slippers2

As I’m sure you’ve figured out the slippers shrink significantly while being felted! The get even thicker and sturdier, too! I can hardly wait to get mine (and Scott’s) knitted and felted!

I’d like to mention a couple other great knitting resources you might enjoy. 🙂
Ravelry.com, a knitting and crochet community.
Monthly Dishcloths, a really fun Yahoo group that has 2 monthly knitalongs and lots of free patterns in the Files section!

I’m sure I’ll think of something else I wanted to add but you can be sure I’ll be posting more about my newly acquired skill! 🙂

ETA: I decided to join in the fun of Sew Crafty Friday! Take a look at what other people are creating by visiting Shereen at Waiting For Him.