Sewing Spree

I’ve been busy, busy, busy will all kinds of fun things! It all started with an inspiring blog post written by my friend, Rebecca. I’ve had some cloth napkins cut out for well over a year. I decided it was finally time to get them made! I pulled them out and worked on them until they were finished. It felt so good to get them done! These napkins are obviously a fall theme but at least they’re done.

Spring Projects 002

Then I had an idea to make Esther a dress. I’ve always wanted to have a daughter so that I could do lots of “girly” sewing. And I really haven’t done any! Of course, it’s possible to sew for boys, too, and I need to find some projects I can make for my special men. 😉 Anyway, I had some fabric I’d bought close to a year ago and I already had a pattern, too! It’s always nice to know you can tackle a project without spending much, if any, money. I pulled out the pattern and traced it onto some interfacing I also had on hand. (I hate cutting a pattern apart that has multiple sizes because I may want to make the same thing some other time in another size!) I still don’t have the dress quite finished but I’m getting there. I needed to buy some buttons and some thread to match the fabric. (I was able to do that last week!) And I also need to hem it. I decided part way through making the dress that I wanted to make some pantaloons/bloomers to go under them, partly for modesty’s sake but also so she can wear the dress a little bit longer (I hope!). [Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page I linked to.] The pantaloons were a quick sew although I’d still like to add some lace to the bottom of the legs. My plan is to have this outfit done for Resurrection Sunday. I remember my mom making new dresses for me to wear on Easter Sunday. It’s a very special memory.

Sorry about the bad lighting. I’ll get better pictures when its all done. And obviously made some progress since taking these pictures. 🙂
Spring Projects 011

Spring Projects 007

Since I couldn’t finish the dress right away I decided to pull out another project that had been in my UFO (UnFinished Object) pile. The same friend I mentioned above, Rebecca, had traced off a bonnet pattern for me to make for Esther. She’d had one on her sweet baby girl when we (the children and I) were at her house for a book exchange last summer. I pulled out the pattern and the fabric I’d already cut out. I read through the directions and proceeded to sew it up. It also went together fairly quickly and easily. I already have fabric picked out to make another one! Now if I could just get Esther to leave it on her head. 🙂

Spring Projects 006

Then I pulled out a pattern for a maternity skirt from Blessed Designs that I bought when we first found out about this newest baby blessing. I’ve only ever owned one maternity skirt. I bought is shortly after Isaiah was born and wore it for 3 years straight, pregnant or not. Needless to say, it was worn out by the time this baby came along. My only problem with making this pattern was that I didn’t have any cotton knit fabric for the maternity panel. I’d been planning a trip to JoAnn Fabric since before Christmas but either we didn’t have the money to go or we weren’t headed in that direction. I found two nice pieces of floral cotton fabric from my stash so I decided to trace off the pattern and cut out the fabric for the skirt itself. Then I decided to sew the pieces together minus the maternity panel. It went together fabulously! I’ll definitely being using this pattern a lot! Finally last week, during JoAnn’s Coupon Commotion, I was able to make a trip to town! I was able to get everything I needed for the skirts as well as a few other projects (remember those buttons for Esther’s dress?!). Everything was either on sale or I was able to use a coupon! I was able to work on one of the skirts and have it almost finished. All I have to do is hem it! I’ll add some pictures of these as soon as I have them done.

While I was at JoAnn’s I was able to fulfill a promise I’d made to my sweet Isaiah-man. My mother-in-law made lap-sized blankets for John and Noah a couple years ago. Then her sewing machine died. John and Noah use their blankets all the time. Before Christmas Isaiah started asking for a blanket of his own. I told him that I’d buy some fabric to make one just for him. Well, as I mentioned before, it wasn’t until last week that I finally made it to the fabric store. These little lap blankets are so easy to make! All you need is a yard of your child’s preferred print (Isaiah wanted something with horses) and a yard of fleece to match. Wash up the fabric, square it up, sew the cotton and fleece right sides together leaving an opening along one side to turn it right side out, and then sew the opening closed! Isaiah has been so happy to have his own little blanket to carry with him wherever he goes. I need to get a picture of his blanket, too. And I plan on making one for Esther soon, too.

I have a several other sewing projects floating around in my head, one of them is this apron. (Click on the picture for a larger image.) I’ve had this pattern for quite awhile and have yet to make even one! It comes with a pattern in adult, child, and doll sizes! And it looks so easy to put together! I can’t wait to get started. Also among my list of future sewing projects is a couple/few more maternity skirts for me and several every day summer jumpers/dresses for Esther.

FYI, if anyone else is interested in making maternity skirts, I just saw in the JoAnn’s ad that I got today that they will have “Sew Classics Interlock and Rib Knit Solids” on sale for 50% off March 21st through April 3rd!

I’ve also completed some knitting projects and have others in the works for my children as gifts on Resurrection Day. I guess I’ll save them for another post, though. 🙂


So Much To Share

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last “real” post! Of course, without a functioning keyboard I couldn’t really do much anyway. Just before we got the keyboard working again I started getting really antsy to start blogging again and regularly, too! I have so much I want to share I’m not even sure where to start.

Well, one of the most exciting things in my life right now is our precious baby blessing. Since my last post we had a midwife appointment which went very well! I was just over 20 weeks at the time. My blood pressure was great, for which I’m very thankful, but the baby did not want to cooperate when it came time to listen to his/her heartrate. It took so long to find that I was beginning to get worried. We finally did find the little stinker but it wasn’t for long. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks (at 25.5 weeks) and by then the baby will not have nearly as much room to play hide and seek. As of now, 22 weeks or so, the baby is about 12 inches long from head to heal and weighs about 1 pound! Here’s a new picture followed by the one from a month ago. It doesn’t really look I’ve grown or changed at all! I’m still down 3 pounds from my starting weight so maybe that’s why but I can tell I’m (or the baby is) getting bigger.

22 weeks ~ 3/1/10
Baby Belly Pictures 009

18 weeks ~ 2/1/10
Baby Belly Pictures 003

Besides trying to get school done every day I’ve been busy sewing and knitting! I’ve completed several projects over the last few weeks and have several more in the works. I still need to get pictures of everything, though. I’ve made a bonnet for Esther and I’m working on a dress for her for Easter. I also made a pair of pantaloons/bloomers to go under the dress. And I’ve made 9 cloth napkins from fabric I’d cut out ages ago. I’m almost finished knitting a dishcloth. I’ve also been working on knitting my section on several baby blankets for a charity I found through Ravelry.

We just got our seed order in the mail! We didn’t have to buy much this year because we had quite a bit left over from last year. We’ll be working with clay soil here which is a new experience for me. We had a big spot plowed up for a garden last fall so that it would “freeze out” and be workable this spring. Our snow is about gone and it won’t be long before we’re able to start working up the soil for our garden. I can hardly wait to get some seeds started indoors. I need to see some green!

I’m sure there’s more that I wanted to share but I figured I’d better get this post published. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Lord’s Day! 🙂

I Can Blog Again and Another Giveaway!

Our keyboard was out of commission for about 3 weeks but we finally got it working today! I’m so glad! I’ve had ideas for blog posts swirling around in my head for several days now and was so frustrated that I couldn’t sit down and type them out! Well, now I can. And I will very soon!

In the meantime, here’s a great giveaway that you should take the time to enter! Marci, at Amazing Graze Farm is giving away a great selection of things from a T-shirt and Tote bag to a Jar Spoon and a Tea Infuser Spoon. And that’s not all! She’s just “sweetened the pot” by adding a pack of recipe cards and a $15 gift certificate for her store! The deadline for entering is February 28th at midnight.

A Few New Blogs

I’ve come across a few new blogs in the last week or so. I thought some of you may enjoy looking at and reading them yourselves. 🙂

Covenant Homemaking I mentioned this blog in an earlier post about a giveaway.

New Life on a Homestead I also mentioned this blog in an earlier post about a giveaway.

Home Joys I just found this blog today and haven’t had a chance to read it yet. But it looks wonderful! Here’s a link to Gina’s 100% Whole Wheat Bread recipe that looks delicious!

River Rock Cottage Here’s another one I haven’t had a chance to read yet but a from quick glance I saw some yummy recipes.

18 Weeks (4 Months)

I can’t believe I’m nearly halfway through this pregnancy! Where does the time go? It seems like it was just a few days ago that we found out another baby blessing was on the way. And I’ve only posted here once about this precious little one. I thought it was about time to write an update. 🙂

Having moved to a new area, we had to find a new midwife. I wasn’t sure we would find anyone so I was preparing for the possibility of having my first hospital birth. Well, we talked to our former midwife and she said that there was only one licensed midwife north of Syracuse. She wasn’t sure if she was anywhere near us. She gave me her phone number anyway and I gave her a call. It turns out that she lives only about an hour away which was about the same distance we traveled to get to our other midwife! We had a “consultation” appointment so we could get a feel for her and she for us. She told us a little bit about herself and her practice. The thing we were most anxious about was the cost. We were thrilled when she told us that she only charged $1500 if we paid her by the baby’s EDD! And she’s willing to barter with us if we can’t come up with that amount! We were thrilled! (Our former midwife charged $4000 for first time clients. She did give us discounts bringing it down to $2700, though.) The consultation went well but I have such a hard time getting to know new people especially for such an intimate reason. We set up our first appointment for December 3rd. I was only 9.5 weeks along so we weren’t able to hear the baby’s heartbeat yet. Everything else went smoothly although I hadn’t gotten my records for the older children’s births. We set up the next appointment for January 12th, the day before Scott’s birthday. I was then 15 weeks and 1 day along. My blood pressure was great and we were able to hear our precious baby’s heartbeat for the first time!!! I never tire of hearing that beautiful sound! Our next appointment is February 16th and I’ll be 20 weeks 1 day! We’re just two weeks away! I’m so excited to hear precious baby’s heartbeat again!

Oh, and we have a name picked out for a girl, Hannah Sophia! It means “gracious wisdom”! I’ve loved this name since I was pregnant with Esther but I knew I wanted to name my first daughter after my Grandma whose name was Esther. Scott told me a few weeks ago that he likes my choice for a girl name, too! We’re still talking about boy names. We have a good-sized list of names we like. It’s just a matter of coming up with a couple top picks and then figuring out a middle name. I’m sooooo excited to meet this sweet precious baby blessing!

Rebecca, I still haven’t come up with a nickname. I just have such a hard time using something other than “baby blessing”. I’ve used it with all my babies and I just love the truth of the name. I’m still open to suggestions. 😉 I’ve been trying to come up with something summery since this baby is due in July. Any suggestions, anyone?

I’ve taken a few “belly shots” over the last month and a half. Here they are. Please ignore the really bad hair! Ack!

12 weeks 1 day ~ 12/22/09

15 weeks ~ 1/11/10
Estherand Pregnancy 010

18 weeks ~ 2/1/10
Baby Belly Pictures 004