34 weeks 1 day

I can hardly believe this pregnancy will be over in about 6 weeks and I’ll be holding our precious new baby in my arms! My pregnancy has gone really well so far and I’m so thankful. I’m praying that my blood pressure will remain normal and that I won’t have to deal with being GBS+ again. My other prayer is that this baby will be in a good position for labor and delivery. I’m not expecting or planning on a faster birth but not dealing with an internal fetal rotation (for a 4th time) would be such a blessing!

My next midwife appointment is on Thursday. I’ll be 34 weeks and 3 days along. At my last appointment I was measuring 5 weeks ahead. I’m interested to see what I measure this time. I had also gained 8 pounds in just 5 weeks putting me at 7 pounds over my starting weight. It looks like I’ve held steady without any weight gain over the last 4 weeks. My blood pressure was good at 120/78 or something like that, I can’t remember now. The baby is active and I just love feeling all his/her movements even though they get stronger by the day! He/She was posterior at my last appointment but is always changing positions. I never know where I’ll feel the next hiccups or kicks and squirms. I had Scott take a new picture a few days ago. I’ve not been as consistent with the pictures lately like I was earlier in this pregnancy. I’ll put up a picture from my pregnancy with Esther for comparison’s sake. I’ll try to make sure to post an update after this week’s appointment. We’re down to visits every 2 weeks now! 🙂

Picture taken 5/22/10 at 33 weeks 5 days

Picture taken 9/10/08 at 32 weeks


Midwife Appointment

My appointment went well today although my blood pressure is still up a bit. I’m dilated 2 cm! I’ve never been dilated before going into labor! My midwife was able to feel baby’s head again and he/she has moved down more since last week. He/She is also in a good position for delivery! (My last baby was posterior throughout labor and delivery.) My midwife stripped my membranes so we’ll see if that helps send me into labor. We set up another appointment for Friday but I pray that we don’t need to keep it. 🙂

Please pray that my blood pressure comes down again. It was really good by last Saturday but went up again yesterday and today.

Yes, I'm still here.

Well, I’m now 3 days past the baby’s due date with no real action going on. I was really hoping to have this little one while the weather was nice. Oh well, the weather is about to turn cooler and baby is still taking his/her sweet time. 🙂 I know that this baby will come in God’s perfect time but sometimes it feels like I’ll be pregnant forever. I’d greatly appreciate continued prayers as we wait for this baby blessing to arrive. Keep checking in here and/or at my hubby’s blog for the lastest news. 🙂

Please pray for my niece!!!

On Sunday afternoon/evening Rayna, my 5 week old niece, came down with a fever. She also started acting like she was in pain when anyone touched her. She has been eating well and having regular dirty diapers which we thank the Lord for. Yesterday my sister took her to the hospital. They took blood and urine samples to culture. Because Rayna was eating well they sent her home. Rayna’s temp spiked this morning to 103.1 so my sister is going to the hospital again. The doctor had said that it could just be a virus but won’t really know until the cultures have had a chance to reveal another cause for the symptoms. My BIL is home with the older children. I wish I could go help her out.

Please pray for strength for my sister and for wisdom for the doctors. I’ll update when I know more.

Update #1 ~ Rayna has been admitted to the hospital. They think something may be wrong with her stomach. They’re also going to do a spinal tap. Please keep praying!

Update #2 ~ I don’t really know much more. The spinal tap is done. An IV is in place. More blood was drawn to do another culture. Rayna will be staying in the hospital for at least 48 hours. My sister will be by herself until tomorrow because she has the van and carseats. I’m going to call her later and may know more after I talk to her.

Update #3 ~ Rayna had a rough night last night. The doctor put her on penicillin and she had an allergic reaction to it. (My dad and Rayna’s older sister are both allergic to penicillin too.) She also continues to battle the high fever. It was nearly 104 through the night. They gave her cool baths and Tylenol to help with that. We’re hoping to know more when the doctor comes in later this morning.

Update #4 ~ I just talked to my mom. The doctor thinks Rayna has Roseola. It’s unusual for a baby her age to have such a high fever with it but she is now developing a rash. The swelling she experienced last night was not a reaction to the penicillin but to the spinal tap. She will stay in the hospital until all the testing comes back just to be sure it isn’t something else. At this point we feel we can breath a little easier. Thank you all so much for your prayers!

Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig!

The last couple of months have been less than easy but God has seen us through! We are so thankful that spring is here and has brought beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures with her! It has been difficult to keep up with reading other blogs and writing entries for my own blog but I’ll soon be boring you with pictures and posts! 😉 Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you!I’m slowly but surely catching up on reading everyone else’s blogs!

Today is a very special day. My littlest nephew was born 2 years ago today! He’s a sweet little boy whom I don’t get to see often. My brother, Timothy, and Radien’s mom, Danielle, are no longer together. 😦 Danielle and Radien are now living in Texas which is where Danielle is from. I called today to wish Radien a Happy Birthday but he was taking a nap so I didn’t get to talk to him. 😦 If you think of my brother, his son, and his ex-girlfriend/fiance I’d grately appreciate your prayers. It’s a very sad and difficult situation.

I promise to post some much more pleasant things in the very near future! 🙂

Please PRAY!!!

I was just checking my cousin Abby’s blog. Her brother(also my cousin, of course) and his wife just had their second child, Augustine, last night. Unfortunately, the baby is not doing very well. 😦 He has been preliminarily diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Please keep this precious baby in your prayers. I will update when I know more.

Update on Tim, Scott's brother

Thanks so much to everyone for all your prayers for my BIL. I have a wonderful update on his situation!!! He’s home! But they found 3 infections in his bloodstream! 3!!! Can you believe it?! He has to go back for antibiotic infusions twice every day for another week. He was really hoping to be home by Christmas. And he is! Please continue to pray for complete healing and most of all his salvation.