Sammy Sunshine

Our precious baby boy is 8 months old today! It’s hard to believe his first birthday is just around the corner. The first few months after he was born were quite difficult. He was colicky and quite unhappy at times. You’d never know it now, though! He’s the sweetest, happiest, most sociable little guy. He is our sunshine after the terrible storm (of miscarriage). We are so blessed by and thankful for his presence in our lives!



Hannah Sophia

A very sweet and special friend, Rebecca from Renaissance, left a comment letting me know she really wanted to hear about our newest baby blessing. She motivated me to at least get some pictures up. I’ll be writing up the birth story very soon, too. 🙂

Hannah Sophia (whose name means “gracious wisdom”) was born on July 14, 2010 at 11:18 AM. She weighed 9 lbs 14 oz (after a HUGE meconuim stool) and was 22 inches long. According to my EDD she was 9 days “late” but the midwife says she was closer to 40 weeks (meaning she wasn’t as overdue as we thought!) She was my first baby to still have vernix on her body! She nursed shortly after birth and has been a pro from the start! She’s such a joy and blessing! 🙂

Hannah getting ready to be weighed

Mama and Hannah shortly after birth

1 day old in the outfit my mom bought for her

2 days old in a hat I made for her

4 days old ~ Her first Lord’s Day laying on the blanket I made for her

34 weeks 1 day

I can hardly believe this pregnancy will be over in about 6 weeks and I’ll be holding our precious new baby in my arms! My pregnancy has gone really well so far and I’m so thankful. I’m praying that my blood pressure will remain normal and that I won’t have to deal with being GBS+ again. My other prayer is that this baby will be in a good position for labor and delivery. I’m not expecting or planning on a faster birth but not dealing with an internal fetal rotation (for a 4th time) would be such a blessing!

My next midwife appointment is on Thursday. I’ll be 34 weeks and 3 days along. At my last appointment I was measuring 5 weeks ahead. I’m interested to see what I measure this time. I had also gained 8 pounds in just 5 weeks putting me at 7 pounds over my starting weight. It looks like I’ve held steady without any weight gain over the last 4 weeks. My blood pressure was good at 120/78 or something like that, I can’t remember now. The baby is active and I just love feeling all his/her movements even though they get stronger by the day! He/She was posterior at my last appointment but is always changing positions. I never know where I’ll feel the next hiccups or kicks and squirms. I had Scott take a new picture a few days ago. I’ve not been as consistent with the pictures lately like I was earlier in this pregnancy. I’ll put up a picture from my pregnancy with Esther for comparison’s sake. I’ll try to make sure to post an update after this week’s appointment. We’re down to visits every 2 weeks now! 🙂

Picture taken 5/22/10 at 33 weeks 5 days

Picture taken 9/10/08 at 32 weeks

18 Weeks (4 Months)

I can’t believe I’m nearly halfway through this pregnancy! Where does the time go? It seems like it was just a few days ago that we found out another baby blessing was on the way. And I’ve only posted here once about this precious little one. I thought it was about time to write an update. 🙂

Having moved to a new area, we had to find a new midwife. I wasn’t sure we would find anyone so I was preparing for the possibility of having my first hospital birth. Well, we talked to our former midwife and she said that there was only one licensed midwife north of Syracuse. She wasn’t sure if she was anywhere near us. She gave me her phone number anyway and I gave her a call. It turns out that she lives only about an hour away which was about the same distance we traveled to get to our other midwife! We had a “consultation” appointment so we could get a feel for her and she for us. She told us a little bit about herself and her practice. The thing we were most anxious about was the cost. We were thrilled when she told us that she only charged $1500 if we paid her by the baby’s EDD! And she’s willing to barter with us if we can’t come up with that amount! We were thrilled! (Our former midwife charged $4000 for first time clients. She did give us discounts bringing it down to $2700, though.) The consultation went well but I have such a hard time getting to know new people especially for such an intimate reason. We set up our first appointment for December 3rd. I was only 9.5 weeks along so we weren’t able to hear the baby’s heartbeat yet. Everything else went smoothly although I hadn’t gotten my records for the older children’s births. We set up the next appointment for January 12th, the day before Scott’s birthday. I was then 15 weeks and 1 day along. My blood pressure was great and we were able to hear our precious baby’s heartbeat for the first time!!! I never tire of hearing that beautiful sound! Our next appointment is February 16th and I’ll be 20 weeks 1 day! We’re just two weeks away! I’m so excited to hear precious baby’s heartbeat again!

Oh, and we have a name picked out for a girl, Hannah Sophia! It means “gracious wisdom”! I’ve loved this name since I was pregnant with Esther but I knew I wanted to name my first daughter after my Grandma whose name was Esther. Scott told me a few weeks ago that he likes my choice for a girl name, too! We’re still talking about boy names. We have a good-sized list of names we like. It’s just a matter of coming up with a couple top picks and then figuring out a middle name. I’m sooooo excited to meet this sweet precious baby blessing!

Rebecca, I still haven’t come up with a nickname. I just have such a hard time using something other than “baby blessing”. I’ve used it with all my babies and I just love the truth of the name. I’m still open to suggestions. 😉 I’ve been trying to come up with something summery since this baby is due in July. Any suggestions, anyone?

I’ve taken a few “belly shots” over the last month and a half. Here they are. Please ignore the really bad hair! Ack!

12 weeks 1 day ~ 12/22/09

15 weeks ~ 1/11/10
Estherand Pregnancy 010

18 weeks ~ 2/1/10
Baby Belly Pictures 004

Ready for Spring!

As I sit here with ice-cold fingers I can’t help but think of Spring and all the wonderful things it will bring with it when it finally arrives! I just love that our Father has blessed us with a change of seasons. I can only handle Winter for so long. 😉

I’m excited to be more involved with the garden this year. We have most of our seeds already but will be ordering the rest today. Yeah! Ordering seeds always makes the promise of Spring more real. We’re planning to expand our gardens again this year. By the end of the year Esther will be eating solid food, too, so we’ll have 6 mouths to keep fed. I look forward to the challenge of putting up as much of our own food as possible. I’ll have to remember these cold days when I’m sweating over the canner this summer! 😀 I’ll detail our garden plans in a later post.

Christine requested a current picture of Esther. I promise to get one up ASAP. 🙂 I can hardly believe my baby girl will be 4 months old in just one week. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. I love her so dearly and pray that our Father will give the wisdom I need to raise a daughter for Him. A daughter who will love her Father above all things and seek His will in all areas of her life. A daughter who will be well-equipped to be a loving and faithful wife & a caring and compassionate mother.

I have so much more to share but will save it for another day. 🙂

No baby yet

Well, here we are heading into day 10 past the baby’s due date. I was pretty sure the baby would come after his/her due date but I didn’t think I’d go this late again. Thankfully, I was able to handle it much better today than I have for the last few days. The Lord brought the following verse to mind this morning and it has been such an encouragement to me today. Psalm 37:3 “Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.” (emphasis mine) I’m so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness to us, His children. I’m so thankful that He has a perfect plan that can not be thwarted my man. Our precious baby will arrive in His perfect time and all this waiting will make it all the more exciting and special!

We went to see the midwife again today. She wanted to make sure my blood pressure was within a normal range. It was still a little high but not has high as it had been. The baby is doing well and has moved down even further into my pelvis! I’ve also made a little more progress as far as dilation and softening goes! We’ll set up another appointment for Monday if baby hasn’t come by Sunday. Please pray that this baby comes before 42 weeks (next Wednesday) so that we won’t have to deliver in the hospital.

The Lord willing I’ll have an update by morning saying I’m in labor! 🙂 Opening day of deer season is in the morning. Do think Scott will be out hunting or helping catch a baby?! 🙂

6 days past due…

So here we are almost a week past our baby’s EDD. I had a few hours of contractions last night that decided to slow down and stop AGAIN! I know this baby can’t stay in forever so I just keep patiently (I’m trying, really) waiting for the Lord’s perfect timing. I guess this is just my pattern. I’ve gone at least 5 and as many as 11 days “late” with all my babies. I know this baby will be here soon and I can hardly wait to share the exciting news with all of you! 🙂