I’m not even sure where to begin. So much has happened since I last posted an update here. There isn’t really a short version either. There was sickness, joy, sadness, loss, hope, and so much more. With time, maybe I’ll be able to write about it all here but for now it’s just too fresh and painful.


God has been gracious through this difficult time to bless us with a very mild winter. We’ve had some snow and ice here and there but nothing that has stayed. I took the sunrise picture above on January 14th. As you can see there was no snow on the ground! The temps this month have been above freezing almost as often as they’ve been below. Usually we have at least a few days of -30F but not this year. The milkman said that people are already seeing robins and a man from church said people are tapping trees for maple syrup! Scott and the boys have seen several flocks of geese headed north, too. If God blesses us further with an early spring we’d be so very grateful. But if not we’ve made it almost all the way through January, spring is around corner.

Through the hardships of the last few months I’ve kept myself busy with crafting. I hadn’t really done any since Luke was born and I really missed it! I started on December 2nd by casting on a secret something for someone special. It’s almost finished and once it has been received I’ll share some pictures. This month I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. I had been taught how to chain as a child but never learned anything more. Then a year or two ago, my mom helped me make a dishcloth but again I didn’t pursue it. Late last year I found out about this Crochet School on Craftyminx.com. Earlier this month I finally got started learning some basic stitches and have a made a few small projects. The hot pad/pot holder has two layers and was a lot of fun to make. The crocheted edging on the knitted dishcloth was easy and quick to do. The basket is my favorite and is now home to one of my many spinning projects (which have also been sorely neglected over the last year and a half).

After going back and forth in my own mind about whether or not to read the Harry Potter series, I finally decided to take the plunge. I’ve been reading them while nursing Luke to sleep each evening. I have finished the first book and started the second. I’m enjoying them quite a bit. I actually cried on several occasions while reading the first book. I’m planning to watch each movie after reading the corresponding book. It will be interesting to see how alike/different the movies are from the books.

Crafting and reading – two of my favorite things to do! Now to make sure I keep making time for both before the wonderful craziness of spring and summer are upon us.

Yarn Along


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