Yarn Along

For the first 5 months or so after our precious Samuel was born, I didn’t knit a single stitch. The closer we got to Christmas the antsier I got to make something with some sticks and string! So I chose a couple simple projects and got most of them done in time for gift giving. After Christmas, my needles sat idle again. Finally, in early February, I picked them up again and have tried to keep them busy for at least a few minutes every day. Here are the projects I’ve completed and one that is still a work in progress.

Scott & Leah 1732

My first project was a dishcloth. The All Washed Up cloth has become my new favorite. With an easy to memorize 4-row pattern repeat, it’s a quick and easy knit!

Scott & Leah 1735

The next project was another dishcloth. This was a mystery cloth from the Yahoo group Monthly Dishcloths. The owner of the group does two mystery knit-alongs a month, one at the beginning of the month and the other halfway through the month. I haven’t participated in quite a long time so this was a lot of fun!

Scott & Leah 1723

The last project is still a work in progress but has been really enjoyable so far. I’m making the Little House Shawl by Joanna Johnson for my oldest daughter. I’ve had the yarn for quite awhile with this pattern in mind and I’m glad to have finally started it! I have another skein of yarn in a variegated purple for my younger daughter. I think I’ll start hers as soon as I have finished this one. I’d like them both to be done for Easter! 🙂

 As for reading, I haven’t done much lately. When I have free time, I’d rather knit! I guess I need to learn to read and knit at the same time. LOL Anyway, the next book I’d like to read is 5 Acres & A Dream The Book: The Challenges of Establishing a Self-Sufficient Homestead by Leigh Tate. My husband, Scott, read the book and then he did an interview with the author on his radio show. He really enjoyed the book and I know I will, too. If you’re interested in reading Leigh’s blog, head over to 5 Acres & A Dream. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time there and I bet Leigh would love to have some new visitors. 🙂

Yarn Along

For lots more knitting and reading inspiration, head on over to Ginny’s blog for the Yarn Along.


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