So Much To Share

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last “real” post! Of course, without a functioning keyboard I couldn’t really do much anyway. Just before we got the keyboard working again I started getting really antsy to start blogging again and regularly, too! I have so much I want to share I’m not even sure where to start.

Well, one of the most exciting things in my life right now is our precious baby blessing. Since my last post we had a midwife appointment which went very well! I was just over 20 weeks at the time. My blood pressure was great, for which I’m very thankful, but the baby did not want to cooperate when it came time to listen to his/her heartrate. It took so long to find that I was beginning to get worried. We finally did find the little stinker but it wasn’t for long. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks (at 25.5 weeks) and by then the baby will not have nearly as much room to play hide and seek. As of now, 22 weeks or so, the baby is about 12 inches long from head to heal and weighs about 1 pound! Here’s a new picture followed by the one from a month ago. It doesn’t really look I’ve grown or changed at all! I’m still down 3 pounds from my starting weight so maybe that’s why but I can tell I’m (or the baby is) getting bigger.

22 weeks ~ 3/1/10
Baby Belly Pictures 009

18 weeks ~ 2/1/10
Baby Belly Pictures 003

Besides trying to get school done every day I’ve been busy sewing and knitting! I’ve completed several projects over the last few weeks and have several more in the works. I still need to get pictures of everything, though. I’ve made a bonnet for Esther and I’m working on a dress for her for Easter. I also made a pair of pantaloons/bloomers to go under the dress. And I’ve made 9 cloth napkins from fabric I’d cut out ages ago. I’m almost finished knitting a dishcloth. I’ve also been working on knitting my section on several baby blankets for a charity I found through Ravelry.

We just got our seed order in the mail! We didn’t have to buy much this year because we had quite a bit left over from last year. We’ll be working with clay soil here which is a new experience for me. We had a big spot plowed up for a garden last fall so that it would “freeze out” and be workable this spring. Our snow is about gone and it won’t be long before we’re able to start working up the soil for our garden. I can hardly wait to get some seeds started indoors. I need to see some green!

I’m sure there’s more that I wanted to share but I figured I’d better get this post published. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Lord’s Day! 🙂


3 thoughts on “So Much To Share

  1. We can never find my babies heartbeat either. Last time baby was moving all around while she was trying to though, so I was hardly worried. The midwife wasn’t using doppler, but a stethoscope and when she said she found the heartbeat, she tried to let me listen. It was so quiet you could hear crickets, but no heartbeat!

    Super jealous about your snow being almost gone. I keep wishing ours away, words I never thought I’d be saying!

  2. What a FUN post! So glad you are *back*.

    I am 15 weeks along and I still don’t even have a midwife lined up. Isn’t that HORRIBLE?! I will have to write you a real letter to update you on that, and why I am procrastinating. sigh

    Ooohhh—you better post pictures of your projects_ESPECIALLY Esther in her bonnet! And pantaloons! They are my most favorite accessory-but I have never made a pair! I am hoping to get coordinated outfits done for ALL of us for Easter. And get this: all using ONE shower curtain!!! I am thinking a bowtie for Andrew, a real tie for Matt, a white dress with wide belly ribbon and back bow made with the shower curtain fabric (with maybe yo-yo flowers going up the hem) for Corynn and matching barette, a dress for Adele with shower curtain fabric for dress with wide belly bow made of white and using all the scraps to make a nice big fat flower pin for my white dress or for my hair.

    That is, if all the stars align properly and I have lots of time on my hands between now and April 4th! ha! But I really hope to!

    okide dokie. It is warm today and EVERYONE needs some fresh air. I think we will head to the park with some sidewalk chalk and a nice brisk walk.

  3. Glad to come and visit and read a real post! 🙂 It’s wonderful that you are making Esther’s easter outfit- I would also love to see it!

    It does sound like you have been very busy! Take care…

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