A Heart Full of Joy

After the most stressful and trying year of my life, I’m finally settling into a new normal here at our new home. The first 8 months of this year were filled with trials, struggles, sadness, tears, and sometimes even despair. My heart has grieved like never before and at times I thought it would never end. I can’t even begin to express how hard those months were. But God is good! There are still those who believe that we are not in God’s perfect will for our lives but I can not even begin to agree with their opinions.

God has brought us to a wonderful home that is not ideal but very doable. It is warm, warmer than our mobile home ever was at this time of year. He has brought us to a beautiful barn that is very easy for Scott to work in. And he loves the milk house! 🙂 He has brought us to an amazing church that has many other farm families in it. All the members of our new church are so hospitable. We had 3 invitations to dinner on our first Sabbath there! There are also several other homeschooling families who have already been a great resource and encouragement! And to add to all those unbelievable blessings God has chosen to bless us with another precious baby!!! I am over-joyed!!! I can’t even begin to put into words how thrilled I am that we are expecting again! After all the hardships that we’ve endured this year it is so special to know that God has added to our family. 🙂

I hope to begin blogging more regularly so, please, stop in again.


9 thoughts on “A Heart Full of Joy

  1. Another little baby to arrive? What an amazing blessing! God is truly good to give you such a blessing amidst struggle! His comfort is amazing!
    May the Lord continue to be with you!

  2. Leah you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers! I’ve missed reading your updates here but I know in my own life that when my blog is “quiet” it’s because real life is being lived/struggled through/enjoyed/endured, etc. Sometimes the hardships break in, sometimes the the good times. So glad to know though that God has been sustaining you…and blessing you! 🙂 Congrats again! (((hugs)))

  3. Thank you so much, Tamara! I just know we’d be great friends if we lived closer together. Scott was saying to me today that he wishes we’d met you when we were in Alaska! Maybe someday we’ll be able to meet in person. 🙂

  4. Leah, I am so glad you are getting settled in. Change is always hard, sometimes harder than others due to circumstances. I pray that this will be your best year yet!!

  5. WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS! I am so thrilled for you all~just so thrilled! In fact, the moment I read this I closed the internet down and got out real pen and paper to write out my congratulations in my own hand. You can expect it to arrive any day now. (And *I* will expect more DETAILS than just those you wrote here!)

    PS. My heart swells to hear the joy in your words, and in your lives in this new place. So thankful for you.

  6. Thank you so much, Rebecca! I’d love to have a good long chat with you! It’s been an emotional day here today.

    Did you ever receive the letter I sent to you 2 months ago? I wrote it and mailed it out within a couple days of getting your note. I hope it didn’t get lost in the mail. 😦

    Can you believe our baby girls are about to have their first birthdays?! A year ago today I was in labor with Esther. Little did I know, it would be another 24 hours + before she was born. Thinking about all of this has contributed to my emotional state. I’m just so in love with my precious baby girl!

  7. Yes, I did get it (hangs my head in shame).

    I LOVED it. SO MUCH. But I should have written you back sooner! I am sorry!

    Happy birthday to your girlie! My sister and I were just talking about Esther turning a year. I am not ready for it. Time flies so quickly that even though you try to soak up every single bit, you are left still wondering how much you missed. Between you and me, I don’t know how parents can stand to send their children off to daycare/school all day. They miss SO much of their lives. I see my children every moment of every day and it *still* isn’t enough!

    Hope little princess has a very best first birthday! Much love.

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