Midwife Appointment

My appointment went well today although my blood pressure is still up a bit. I’m dilated 2 cm! I’ve never been dilated before going into labor! My midwife was able to feel baby’s head again and he/she has moved down more since last week. He/She is also in a good position for delivery! (My last baby was posterior throughout labor and delivery.) My midwife stripped my membranes so we’ll see if that helps send me into labor. We set up another appointment for Friday but I pray that we don’t need to keep it. 🙂

Please pray that my blood pressure comes down again. It was really good by last Saturday but went up again yesterday and today.

4 thoughts on “Midwife Appointment

  1. Oh Yea!! We’ll take 2cm any day at this point in a pregnancy!!! Great praise about the babies position and I will be praying for the blood pressure situation. Try and get some rest the next two days….set your timer each hour to sit for 15 minutes and then do it 😀

  2. Oh good! I just looked at that little ticker and was happily surprised to see that you were not past due. Six days to go. I knew passing your due date would be very hard for you, so I am glad you haven’t reached that point. 2 cm dilated-SEE?! Those contractions last week WERE doing something! 🙂

    What does it mean to strip membranes?

    A friend of mine just had her baby and went from 4cm to baby delivered in 1 1/2 hours. I couldn’t believe it. That is SO unlike me.

    Keep your chin up and enjoy these last few days as best you can. Because you KNOW, eventually, you will miss them!

  3. Rebecca,

    I guess I need to remove that ticker. I’m actually 6 days past my due date! I was due on November 5th.

    Our baby can’t stay in forever so I’m just trying to be patient. 🙂

  4. Hey Leah,
    Usually I’m over at Reformed Farmer’s but I wanted to stop by and encourage you a little. Stacy and I just had Nehemiah last week.

    For the first five, she’s gone 2 weeks over and for the last three, she’s gone 3 weeks +. “Due Dates” have become of little use to us. We have found that Stacy is always late just because… well, just because :o).

    Of our three home births, Elish was footling breach, for Calvin, she was in labor for 77 hours and for Nehemiah it was 50. I know that doesn’t sound very encouraging, but the point I want to make is that we know you can do it. We know that you and Scott have what it takes to lean upon the Lord and we know that you have the strength to get through the waiting patiently.

    Our midwife encouraged us through all of this. As a matter of fact, for Calvin she stayed with us the whole 77 hours and another midwife (a friend of hers) even came to fill in to give her rest. She was pregnant through both of Stacy’s labors. This time, though, we had an “unassisted birth”. That is, I delivered Nehemiah. Again, my point is that God will give you strength and faith. HE was all we had to lean on.

    We have not stopped praying for y’all and will not. Please continue to keep us up to date. I know a comment about how long labor could take could be a downer, but He WILL give strength to those who wait upon Him.

    I hope to have encouraged you. It’s hard for a man to write about such things to an expectant woman without sounding (at least somewhat) like a bafoon.

    In Christ,

    Matt & Stacy

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