A Current Project

I’ve been wanting to make wool soakers and longies (to use with cloth diapers) for our newest addition. Well, I was finally able to get a couple skeins of 100% wool yarn at A.C. Moore and JoAnn’s using 40% off coupons! I spent about $3.50 for each skein and got two colors. Seeing as we don’t know the gender of this baby I went with colors I thought might work for a boy or a girl. I got a heathered blue called New Denim and a charcoal grey color called Dark Grey Mix. Since I’ve never knit soakers, shorties, or longies before I decided to go with an easy pattern. And since finances are tight it also had to be free. I found just what I was looking for here. I cast on for the size small on Saturday night late. I really got started Sunday afternoon after church. I only got to work on them briefly on Monday because we had school in the morning and our midwife appointment in the afternoon. By Tuesday afternoon I had everything finished except for adding rib knit leg cuffs and making the I-cord drawstring. I tried several times to pick up as many stitches as I’d need and finally gave up. I’ve not tried again since then but plan to soon. Instead I decided to cast on for the newborn size because the small looked way too big for a newborn even as big as my babies have been! Well, now I’m thinking the newborn size may only fit for a week or two but at least it won’t be enormous. So here’s a picture of the size small. I made them using the New Denim color.

My first soaker

I learned several new techniques with this project. First, I learned to use double point needles. (I didn’t have circular needles in the right size/length.) Second, I learned how to place stitches on a holder (I just used yarn.) and pick them up again later when seaming the soaker together. Lastly, I learned to seam/weave the stitches on the holder with the remaining stitches on the needle (after decreasing) using the kitchener stitch. I’ll also be making an I-cord (for the first time) to use for the drawstring. It was really fun to try something new and to learn some new things! I can hardly wait now for the baby blessing to come so that we can actually see how they fit!

I’ll update with another picture once I add the leg cuffs and I-cord. And again, of course, with the intended wearer/model! 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Current Project

  1. Oh Leah, that looks so adorable!! I cannot wait to see the new wee one sporting the new project!! I hope you are doing and feeling well! God Bless~~

  2. You did a beautiful job! I always wished I could have caught onto knitting. ( I crochet). Praying for a safe birth. It won’t be long!

    God bless,
    Ruth, PA

  3. HI! Thanks for visiting my blog! (you found me through Rhonda Jean’s blog, but I probably “know” you from other parts of the web-o-blog-o-spere).

    Wow, that knitting is nice. So even and prettily done. I am not sure how wool soakers work — don’t they still get wet?

    How exciting for you, nearing the birth of your new baby. We have a 6-week-old little girl and 3 boys and another girl before her.

    Thanks for visiting me! I think you missed my “real” post, as I hit “submit” before I was ready (it’s been one of those days) — if you like, you can come back and see what I had to say about that jumble of photos I had put up. I’ll visit you again soon!

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