The Simple Woman's Daybook


FOR TODAY… September 1, 2008

Outside My Window… the sun is shining brightly after a cool, clear night. What a beautiful start to a new month!

I am thinking… about how excited I am to meet the newest addition to our family! Only about 2 more months to go!

From the learning rooms… We’ll be starting our 4th week of school today! It’s so nice to know that we are 3 weeks ahead of the local school district and that we should be done with our first term before the baby’s EDD.

I am thankful for… no humidity in the forecast! I don’t do well with the heat and humidity when I’m pregnant.

From the kitchen… I’m hoping to make some Green (or Red) Pepper Jelly today as well as some Jalapeno Jelly!

I am wearing… my blue summery dress with my sneakers. (I’ve been dealing with pelvic pain, sciatic nerve pain, and a sore knee so sneakers seemed like a good option for today. At least until my feet get too hot.)

I am creating… I’ve been thinking of all the knitting projects I’d like to do for Christmas. Now for the finances to buy the yarn!

I am going… to my parent’s house with the boys this afternoon. We’re going to have a little bonfire and cookout.

I am reading… The Brethren, book 3 in the Annie’s People series by Beverly Lewis.

I am hoping… that the day/week goes well and that we get a lot accomplished.

I am hearing… my noisy boys in the kitchen finishing their breakfast.

Around the house… we’ve been making great strides in getting the house ready for the midwife’s home visit and the baby’s birth! We’re doing a lot of PURGING!!! Yeah!

One of my favorite things… is feeling my baby move within me. I never tire of the kicks and squirms. It makes me all the more excited to meet this little one face to face!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Complete school each day, finish getting the house spic and span, get lots of canning done, etc!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Canning beans (taken last summer)
canning beans

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6 thoughts on “The Simple Woman's Daybook

  1. I’ve always wondered…what do you do with pepper jelly?

    I made hot sauce for the first time yesterday. Yep. That was an experience I won’t soon forget!

    What’s on your knitting to do list? I wish yarn was cheaper too. Have you tried ordering from elmore-pigsah? That’s the place that makes peaches and creme yarn. Their stuff is pretty reasonable.

    May the pain subside some for you. Making babies is hard work!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

    Shelly, this is my first time making pepper jelly but I have had it before. My cousin had it out at a get together awhile back and it was delicious! Spread cream cheese on a Triscuit and then put a little of the jelly on top of the cream cheese. I couldn’t quite having just one more! 🙂

  3. Oh, yes! Triscuits, cream cheese and pepper jelly is bliss! The pepper jelly isn’t terribly spicy and has a sweet kick…mmm. Between thinking about that and seeing that photo of the beans, I am hungry (at 10 p.m!)

    I enjoyed reading your entry, Leah! I will be praying for your pregnancy. I am sorry to hear that you have the pelvic pain and sciatic pain. I will be sending up extra prayers for you on that (you know I know!)

  4. I am sorry you’ve got sciatic and knee pain. I have too, so we can suffer together. You look so happy in your baby belly photos. Not long to go now. I wish you all the best for the birth. How wonderful to have a new baby in the family.

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