Just One

Our midwife appointment went well. Uneventful, as usual. I did have some protein in my urine but the midwife didn’t seem to be concerned at this point. My weight was up by 2 pounds. My blood pressure was 118/78. Kate felt around for the baby and only found one. She found the baby’s heartbeat in at least 5 places but was pretty sure it was just from one baby. She forgot to tell me what the heartrate was, though. She said my fundal height was only 34 cm (up just 1 cm from 2 weeks ago) but I’m not convinced. [I’ll take another picture on Wednesday (30 weeks) and you ladies can tell me whether or not you think I’ve grown more than 1 cm in two weeks. I’m getting about 37 cm measuring myself.] Anyway, she mentioned that there was a doctor in town who had done quick, inexpensive u/s for other clients wondering about baby’s position. She said maybe he’d be willing to do one for us and fit us in while we were already close by. She called his office and we got an appointment right away. We waited for awhile in the waiting room and were finally called to the room. The doctor has an old, almost vintage (1984), portable u/s machine in this room. He asked a few questions and then told me to get up on the table. He spent a good while looking all over and said he only found one baby. The baby is head down with his/her back to my right side. The placenta is at the top front. We were able to see all four chambers of the heart. He was pretty impressed with that. He said that maybe the machine was better than he thought. 🙂 How silly/sad is it to be disappointed that there is only one. :blush: I keep hoping there was another baby hiding in there but I know that is not at all likely being that I’m almost 30 weeks along. It was amazing that we got to see our precious little one, though. So now I’m concerned about having a huge baby. I’m sure I could handle a 10 pound baby without any problems but what if the baby is even bigger than that? Sorry for rambling. I know I should just be so thrilled that we have one healthy baby that we get to meet in just a couple short months! God is good!


8 thoughts on “Just One

  1. You know Leah-you have been the talk of the Cantrell/Newman/Brown households…we all expected you to have two in there too-after that last photo you posted especially! I understand (ashamedly) how you feel because I told Matt after having the conversation of you having twins “That would stink for me since I am not having them and I was so sure I was in the beginning! I should be thankful for Bunkin, though, shouldn’t I? I shouldn’t even be thinking this way…” And sure enough-he agreed. All I am saying is- we are weird Leah. The thought of two babies at one time is EXCITING for us (gasp!) but having one is just as incredible a blessing and ought not to be forgotten. Especially when I think of how long I waited and wondered if I would get pregnant again… Sorta kinda makes me ashamed of myself.

    So glad you got to see your little one. It is an AMAZING experience!

  2. Hi Leah! I’ve been following your story and glad to know that you were able to see your little (or maybe not so little) munchkin. I don’t think it’s silly at all to be a tad disappointed at there only being one in there. I’ve been there before myself.

    Hope all goes well with the remainder of your pregnancy…mine is winding down…I’m just 2 weeks away from my due date now and can’t wait to meet my little guy.

    I also wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. You can see it on my website.

  3. Don’t worry too awful much about having a huge baby- take it from someone who heard throughout my whole pregnancy “you are really big; you’ve a big baby in there; wow you’ve really popped out I bet you’ve got a good one in here; etc…” Even the nurses made comments when they felt Christiana through my belly and she was only 7 and a half lbs at 1 and a half weeks late! You might just stretched out nicely from having 3 previous babies is all! 🙂

    As for being a bit disappointed, that is completely to be expected when you not only think about the idea of twins for yourself, but also hear it come from all of us sideliners 🙂 That baby will be an amazing and wonderful blessing!!! 🙂

  4. Hi, Leah! I enjoyed reading your update. From the photos you have up on the post before this, I would’ve been thinking twins, too. Perhaps this is when your little one decided to make a leap in growth, too. I remember my midwife, when I measured a bit ahead with Rachel saying something like Elizabeth did, that I was probably a bit stretched and my body was used to doing the job by now. Not exactly what you want to hear while you feel big and pregnant anyway, but it does have some truth to it.

    I think it is pretty neat you got an u/s. You can see how it can become something to look forward to! 😀 It is just so breathtaking to see your little baby moving around, inside you, isn’t it?

    Praying for a safe rest of your pg and delivery!

    Take care.



  5. I think Elizabeth hit the nail on the head when she said that you’re not the only one disappointed! 🙂 Surely the Lord understands that your disappointment over not being given the blessing of two does not diminish your excitement, joy, and thankfulness for the ONE He already gave.

    We can’t wait to meet this little (big?) one! We’ll pray that all goes well until, during, and through his or her entrance into your arms!

  6. he he..don’t feel bad..I secretly hoped with all my pregnancies I would have twins!!

    I wouldn’t worry about the baby being to big..I am a small girl, 5′ 1″ small boned and my last baby was 10 lbs 9oz !!! each time I have a baby it weighs more than the last, I always joke that if I get pregnant again I wil have to go on a special diet so I don’ have an 11 or 12 pounder!

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