In Just One Week…

my baby (belly) grew this much! (Yikes! Ignore my squinting expression.)

August 13, 2008 ~ 28 weeks
28 weeks

August 20, 2008 ~ 29 weeks
29 weeks

Here they are side by side. I was measuring 33 cm on August 11th and today I’m measuring 36.5 cm! I still have 5 more days of waiting and growing before we see the midwife again.

28 weeks2 29 weeks2

6 thoughts on “In Just One Week…

  1. Wow! Who knows—you might even go early if your littlest is so anxious to grow and get out of there! I must say, I thought I was HUGE before-now I wonder if Bunkin is growing as well as s/he ought!

  2. WOW! I wouldn’t be surprized at all if you were having twins! My daycare mom IS expecting twins and isn’t as large as you (and is due Nov. 19th) I hope you can get an ultrasound done to see for sure 🙂

  3. Shukr here from

    Yep, I can see why you thought TWO!!!!!! but don’t worry about the outside size – it’s not always indicative of a large baby. Conversely, I had a friend on her fifth just recently looking so neat and tiny with her bump – she did end up with a 10lber though!!! – size doesn’t matter either way round.

    Anyway, you have a beautiful body that will birth whatever it’s been blessed with, so have faith .D

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