As Promised :)

Well, I’m officially halfway as of today!!! Having gone “past due” with the other three I’m not expecting to actually have the baby in exactly 20 more weeks. I’m figuring on going at least a week late but I’d love to go “on time” or even a little early.

I had Scott take another belly shot this morning. I’ll post it below with the picture from 16 weeks 6 days. It looks to me like the baby has grown a good bit in just 3 weeks time!

Top: 16w 6d
Bottom: 20w

16w 6d

20w - 6/18/08

And just because he’s so cute here’s a picture of Isaiah that I took this morning. I can hardly believe he’ll be 20 months old in just 3 more days!
Please ignore the tall grass. We don’t have a lawn mower.

Sai - almost 20 mo - 6/18/08

5 thoughts on “As Promised :)

  1. I’m glad I am not the only one showing like mad! Looks like your baby is growing really well!

    I have another ultrasound scheduled in two weeks because the doctor couldn’t be sure if there were twins in there or not. We shall see!

    As for the tall grass~ tall grass is way more fun to romp in then the cut variety! PS. He IS a cutie!

  2. i have such belly envy! i’m at 18 weeks today and don’t have a bump to speak of. my DH oogled me last night when i put on my bedclothes to check whether i actually appear pregnant. i told him i just looked fat/chubby; no real preggy bump at all.

  3. Yeah I can see the differance 🙂

    Your little boy is going to make a fun big brother soon!

    Have a blessed weekend and Sabbath!

    ~ Dawn

    P.S. Love your hair!! It’s so pretty!!

  4. I like your new blog- it is so bright and refreshing! Isaiah is so cute, and I still say he looks alot like you 🙂 Oh, and Thank You So Much for posting your pregnant pics- I love them and love seeing you! Looks like that baby is doing well 🙂

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