16 weeks 6 days

Scott took this picture of me a week ago when I was 16 weeks 6 days. I’ll have him take another one in 2 weeks when I’m halfway! 🙂

16w 6d

6 thoughts on “16 weeks 6 days

  1. Hey there Baby belly! You look lovely Leah and your baby is getting bigger as is evidence by that perfectly round belly you have! I knew you were getting close to the halfway mark!

  2. You look fabulous Leah!!! Did you have an ultrasound to find out what you were having? Glad to see you!!!

  3. Melissa, no I didn’t have an ultrasound. We haven’t found out what any of our children are before birth. In fact, we’ve never even had an ultrasound! We probably never will unless a need for one arises. 🙂

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