Super Savings Saturday ~ Learning Curve

I went to CVS last night! I found everything I was looking for but kinda forgot an important detail. I forgot to use my ECBs! Now, granted, this was only my second CVS shopping trip. Next time I’ll put the ECBs I plan to use in the same envelope as the coupons I’m using.

Anyway, if I’d remembered to use my ECBs my total OOP for the two transactions would’ve only been $1.25!!! I purchased $43.52 worth of products before tax and coupons!!! And because I forgot to use ECBs to pay for my purchases I know have $41.90 in ECBs!!!

So here are the details of my two purchases.

Transaction #1
2 Dove Cream Oil Body Wash (3.99 ea) 7.98
2 Glade Sprays (.99 ea) 1.98
1 Dove Deodorant 3.49
1 Listerine Smart Rinse 2.99
1 Colgate Total 2.99
1 Dove Shampoo (B1G1) 4.99
1 Dove Conditioner (B1G1) Free
4 Mars 8 packs 5.16

Total before tax and coupons $29.58. I used a $4/$20 and the $3/$15 beauty purchase and $13.75 in manufacturer’s coupons. My total after subtracting coupons and adding tax was $10.64. My plan was to use an ECBs for $9.98 putting my total OOP for this transaction at $.66!!!

Transaction #2
1 Listerine 2.99
1 Colgate Total 2.99
2 Russell Stover Rabbits (.99 ea) $1.98
2 Lypsyl Honey Rose (2.99 ea) $5.98

Total before tax and coupons was $13.94. I had $5.49 in manufacturer’s coupons. My total after subtracting coupons and adding tax was $9.57. My plan was to use ECBs totaling $8.98 for a total OOP of just $.59!!!

I would’ve had about $23 left in ECBs up from the almost $16 I originally got from my first CVS trip. Instead I spent almost $20 OOP :-\ and now have almost $42 in ECBs!

What was your biggest learning curve while learning the ropes of shopping CVS?!

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8 thoughts on “Super Savings Saturday ~ Learning Curve

  1. Well, look at it this way…now you have a bundle of ecbs that will be nice to roll over in the coming weeks! That has been my biggest problem, getting the stash of ecbs to roll over…I am stuck at about $10 each week. So that goof may prove verrrry beneficial.

    Also, I use an envelope and write my lis on the front with all of the pricing/ecb details and then put all of my mfg coupns and cvs cpns and ecb right inside. That way it is all together in one place. Just a thought.


  2. I remember the first few times (it wasn’t long ago). I was a nervous wreck at the counter. Felt like I was doing something wrong! I just wasn’t use to saving so much moolah!

    looks like you will be a pro in no time!
    If you need more help coming up with scenarios or would just like to take a look to get you thinkin, come by my blog. I post scenarios every week!

    The “Cent”sible Sawyer

  3. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your words of advice and encouragement! I really appreciate it! I’ll be sure to check each of your blogs for helpful tips!

    Lori, I did use an envelope for the coupons for each transaction. Next time I’ll be sure to put the ECBs in the envelope, too! And writing the list on the front of the envelope is a great idea! Last time I had it written on a separate sheet of paper.

  4. Thank you, Mrs. Mobunny, Tami, and Marci for your comments! 🙂

    Marci, an ECB is an Extra Care Buck. CVS gives ECBs back on certain items weekly and monthly. They can be used like real money to buy other things in the store. Hope that helps! 🙂

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