Super Savings Saturday

I’m participating in Super Savings Saturday for the very first time today! To check out other people’s super savings visit Crystal’s site at the link posted above.

I made my first trip to CVS yesterday! It was a pretty good trip. 🙂 I’d never done this before so I took it slow and easy with my first transactions. Someday I’ll be a pro and be able to do multiple transactions without a flinch! Ha!

The deal I had worked out was for a Venus Embrace Razor and 2 Oral-B Cross Action Pro toothbrushes plus a filler for a total of $20+ before coupons and ECBs.

1 Venus Embrace Razor $9.99 (coupon for $4 off)
2 Oral-B Cross Action Pro toothbrushes $9.98 (coupon for $2 off 2)

I had also gotten a $4 off $20 coupon for signing up for the CVS email newsletter.
To bring my total up over $20 I bought 4 Cadbury Caramel Eggs. They were 69 cents each. I’m sure I could’ve found something less expensive but I thought my husband and the boys would enjoy the treat. 😉

4 Cadbury Caramel Eggs $2.76 (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)

So my total before coupons and tax was $22.73; after was $12.85. And I earned almost $16 in Extra Care Bucks!!! I got $6 in ECBs for the razor and $9.98 back for the toothbrushes!!! I was thrilled!!!

Unfortunately, they had sold out of the Venus Embrace Razors but I was able to pay for the razor, get my ECBs and get a rain check for the razor. Not too bad!

We had to go to the bank while we were out which took us past another CVS. I stopped in there to see if they had the razor but they didn’t. They did have Lypsyl lip moisturizer which were $2.99 with $2.99 back in ECBs. I picked up two of them and used my ECBs from the razor to buy them! I also had to use a filler to get my total over $6 so I used another B2/G2 coupon for Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs.

2 Lypsyl lip moisturizers $5.98 ($5.98 back in ECBs)
4 Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs $2.76 (B2/G2 free)

My total before coupon, ECBs, and tax was $8.74. But I only paid $1.58 out-of-pocket! And I got the $5.98 back in ECBs to use on another trip!

So the total worth of my purchases was $31.47 before tax. I used $12.76 in coupons and $6 in ECBs. I spent a total of $14.43 after tax and earned $15.96 in ECBs!

All in all, I’d say it was a good first trip! I have a lot more to learn but I can hardly wait to go again!

For lots of great info on CVS deals and more please visit Crystal at Money Saving Mom. In her sidebar you will see links to her posts titled “CVS 101” and “Making CVS Work For You”. There are other links to posts about others great places and ways to save!


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