My friend, Rebecca, asked for details regarding this pregnancy. And her sister, who is also my friend, Elizabeth, asked me to keep updating here about the new baby and the boys. So I’ll go back a month or so and start at the beginning.

Warning: Possibly TMI!
At the end of January I was feeling several different pregnancy symptoms including fatigue, frequent bathroom visits, and even a bit of nausea. I never got a positive pregnancy test. On the afternoon of the 28th my cycle started. I was so sad and disappointed. Late in the evening on the 31st I passed the placenta and teeny tiny, itsy bitsy baby. 😦 I was even more sad and resigned myself to the “fact” that I wouldn’t conceive again for several more months. (In September of 2005 I also had a very early miscarriage and didn’t conceive again until January of 2006.) As the end of February rolled around I expected to have another cycle. Noah was going to be turning 4 on the 28th and I really didn’t want to start then. The morning of the 27th I decided to test completely expecting the test to be negative. After starting the test I braced myself for what I was sure to be a negative result. To my surprise as I checked the test at 4 minutes it was already showing a nice positive!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! When Scott got home for breakfast I showed him the test. He was as excited as I was!!! We thank the Lord for this precious gift following so closely on the heels of an early but still very sad loss.

Here are pictures of the tests I took on the evening of Feb 27th and the morning of Feb 29th. I took four tests total. These two were dollar tests from Dollar General. The other 2 were internet cheapies.

+++ HPTs

My first midwife appointment is April 28th. I will be almost 13 weeks. The Lord willing we will hear this precious baby’s strong heartbeat.


4 thoughts on “Details

  1. Congratulations Leah! I’m very sorry for your recent loss but how blessed you are to have conceived again so quickly. Wishing you all the best with this pregnancy. I’m currently pregnant with our 8th child and due mid Sept. =)

  2. Oh, Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!! Our Seneca is also 14.5 months and I have to admit I’m very antsy to be pregnant again!
    Thank goodness for dollar tree tests, lol
    I wish you all the best for the next many months! Your family is, as always, in my prayers!


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