Simple Pleasures


Watching our Jersey (& Holstein) girls grazing.


Fresh raw organic cream for my coffee!



Babies & Peaches!!! 🙂


My older boys playin’ in the dirt…..

with a few of their many cousins!


My best friend and husband & Old tractors

I’m so thankful for the life the Lord has blessed me with! “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalm 34:8

11 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Barbara,

    I took the pictures of Isaiah at my mom’s house, in her kitchen. 🙂 We think he’s pretty handsome, too! 😉

  2. Thanks, Leah, for this photographic look into your family life. These photos give me such a sense of peace as I view them. They show me what we used to call in the “old days” the Simple Pleasures of Life. Yes, children palying in the dirt, ahhh a simple family pleasure. I enjoyed seeing the photo of Scott, as I once had the pleasure of talking with him on the phone when he called to talk with my husband, Barry. Now I can put a “face” on the Homesteader Life blog.

    I read Scott’s recent post about eliminating your telephone/internet service. I am glad to know you both will be able to connect to the internet at your parents, and hopefully continue some of your blog posts, as I enjoy stopping by Reformed Farmer’s Wife and Homesteader Life every day.

    Blessings to you all.

  3. Hello! What lovely photos these are. I’m jealolus too. Particularly of the raw milk and cream and the peaches. It’s great to see a baby with such a good appetite for raw food. Your husband looks like a good man and oh, that tractor. You’re a lucky girl. : )

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