Apron inspiration!

I just love aprons! I always have but I haven’t used them in the past nearly as much as I’d have liked. Now I no longer have an excuse because I’ve been inspired! Jewels’ daughters, over at Eyes of Wonder, have been making their own aprons for a good while. They also made two for a giveaway Jewels did recently. They made their own pattern and the aprons are lovely! I’ve done a good bit of sewing and have always enjoyed it. I decided that there was no reason I couldn’t make my own pattern too. So I did! Coming up with a pattern was pretty easy. I actually did all the cutting first and then made the pattern from the fabric I didn’t use. Does that make sense? I decided how wide I wanted the bib part and divided that in half knowing it would go on the fold. I then figured out how long I wanted my apron to be in the front. I decided to use the whole width of the fabric because I’m on the “fluffy” side and knew it would be just right for going around my waist. I then figured out where I wanted the apron to fall on my waist. I started cutting down for the bib and in for the waist. I then used a big dinner plate to create the curve. I made the straps by cutting the width of fabric into 4″ strips, folding and sewing right sides together lengthwise, turning them right side out and pressing them. I didn’t need the whole length but wanted to have plenty to work with. I’ve since done some tweaking on the pattern to get a better fit. And I already have the fabric out and ready for the next apron. 🙂 Here are some pictures of the finished apron. (Excuse the sleeveless arms. It’s been very hot and humid here lately.)




16 thoughts on “Apron inspiration!

  1. I can’t see the photos, Leah! 😦 The aprons sound wonderful, though! How creative to think up your own pattern, too! Maybe you can bring them to church sometime so I can get a good peek! 😉

  2. Leah,
    I found you on a bunny trail. I was taken in by the name of your blog, and am so happy to be here. I’ve admired the aprons at Eyes of Wonder, too, and am very glad that you’ve offered a practical, easy pattern. Thanks!

  3. Nice Job Leah! The color looks very nice on you and I like that it wraps around your hips. I personally am a hip wiper-that is, if my hands need to be wiped, I tend to do so on my hips rather than on the front of the apron. A lot of aprons only cover the front so they’re not the best choice for me-the apron you’ve made is perfect. 🙂
    Maybe one of these days – after I complete a fall/winter wardrobe for my two youngest daughters, I’ll attempt to make myself an apron too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a fantastic job you did making your apron! I wish I knew how to sew. I have such a hard time finding aprons for larger sizes, so I just don’t have one. I need to find someone to teach me to sew, as my dh bought me a beautiful machine a long time ago.
    Blessings to you!

  5. I came here from Jewel’s site to see your apron. I was glad to see it as I am fluffy too and knew that my apron patterns would not fit me. I have some ideas for widening them but it was interesting to see how you did yours and I definitely need some for working in my home. Nice blog!

  6. Hi Leah,

    What a lovely apron. I was just thinking the same. I am also inspired by the apron of jewels daughter and I bought yesterday fabric for it. Now I only have to sew it!


  7. Hi! Just found your website through Eyes of Wonder. You’re apron looks so very nice. I am just getting into making and wearing aprons (made 3 so far–one for my mom). I like yours allot! You have pretty eyes. Blessings!

  8. What a beautiful apron, I love its simplicity! The fabric you’ve used is just right, and well done with the design – I’m going to take inspiration from you and make one similar very soon.

    xxOphelia in Australia

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