Five years ago today…..

Five years ago today, at 10:39AM, our oldest son was born! He weighed 8 lbs 10 oz and was over 21 inches long. One of Scott’s first comments was that he had “shifty” eyes. Our little John was wide-eyed and curious about this big new world! He was a very active baby always wanting to be on his feet. He didn’t nap very well either. At just 3.5 months old he got his first teeth. And at 8.5 months he took off walking! When he was 11 months old we found out he was going to have a sibling! We were very excited! At 15 months he went horse-crazy and has been ever since! At 19.5 months he was joined by a little brother, Noah. Johnny and Noah are the closest of friends. They do everything together and get really lonely when the other one isn’t around.

John’s current interests are horses, cowboys, hunting, horses, fishing, camping, horses, bird-watching, animal-tracking and identification, horses, and the list goes on. He’s such a sweet boy and we’re blessed beyond measure to have him in our lives. God is so good! Happy 5th birthday, Johnny!

3 thoughts on “Five years ago today…..

  1. Hope John’s birthday was happy!

    Corynn and I were at the post office a while back and found this perfect thing, which she just sent out and is on the way to your mailbox! So, keep a lookout!

    As for the problem with bloglines, I have fixed it now, thanks to someone ELSE’S input-because I would have NEVER been able to figure it out otherwise! 😉

    Thank you for telling me about the problem. I never would have caught on to it, since I never use that link!

    I wanted to write you specifically to share with you a link you might enjoy. About three weeks I stumbled across a woman’s blog (following a link from another blog I frequent)

    I have to say, I have been HOOKED ever since.

    You simply MUST check her out…go here….

    She is mother to 10 BEAUTIFUL children, obviously modest, sews most of their clothes, it seems, and is TRULY an inspiration to me. She keeps a BEAUTIFUL home, she shares a love for the simple pleasures of life, and she documents it all in BEAUTIFUL photographs and eloquent speech.

    Truly, this blog is a diamond in the rough. Ya know? I am CERTAIN you will be as encouraged as I. Please check it out.

    Also-I wanted to let you know, that I think I will pass on the Home Managers book this time, but thank you again for thinking of me and extending the invitation.

    Have a wonderful day Leah!

  2. Leah,

    I found your blog from a Charlotte Mason yahoo group, and I sent an email to your yahoo account.

    My in-laws live just north of you outside of Cortland. My mother-in-law is interested in purchasing some of your farm products. My in-laws are Christian former-homeschoolers. They raised six kids, all of whom are grown. One of their sons and his family live down the road from them. They are homeschooling their almost 6 yr. old boy and 4 yr. old girl.

    If you would, check your yahoo account for my email and, when you get a chance, reply to my yahoo address and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with my in-laws if you are interested.

    Thanks so much!

    Liz, in VA

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