Caterpillar Update

My caterpillar changed into his chrysalis form!!! But unfortunately I missed seeing it. Bummer!

The caterpillars that were at my in-laws have moved somewhere else and I haven’t found where they’ve gone! 😦 I need to research some more to find out where they like to go when they’re ready to form their chrysalis. I was really looking forward to “raising” several caterpillars.

One last thing. I won’t even get to see the butterfly until next spring/summer! They overwinter in their chrysalis!

Here are a few websites with some great pictures!

Massachusetrs Butterfly Club

University of Arkansas

One thought on “Caterpillar Update

  1. Wow! You have to wait a while to see the butterfly. I wonder why the Monarch comes quicker than this one? I didn’t get a chance to go out and look for caterpillars, so maybe next year we will get a chance. πŸ˜€

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