My Sweet Isaiah

My sweet baby boy is already over 5 months old!!! How swiftly the time passes. I think it passes even faster as more children are added to a family.

Isaiah has learned to do many things in the last couple of months. He has learned to roll over from his belly to his back and from his back to his belly. He also just got his first tooth on 3/28! Must most impressive of all is this! The picture is really dark and not very clear but you get the idea!

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Isaiah started army crawling! Just 3 days after he turned 5 months old he started crawling by pulling himself forward with his arms and occasionally digging his little toes into the carpet to push himself ahead. He’s a man on the move now! There’s going to be no holding him back! My baby is just growing too quickly!

6 thoughts on “My Sweet Isaiah

  1. Leah, He is just so sweet. He is crawling so early! Our soon-to-be 7 month old isn’t crawling yet. I know what you mean, they grow up too fast. 😦 We are so blessed.

  2. Boy, he is such a little guy to be crawling! The little girl I take care of is the same age, and she can’t even sit up well without assistance. Your boys all seem to catch on really quickly to things πŸ™‚

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