Weighing In & Smiles

My mom and I went shopping all day on Monday. Our last stop was Wegmans. While we were in the Natural/Bulk Foods section I decided to weigh Isaiah on the scale in true “Abby-fashion.” 🙂 I’ve never done this before but I just had to know how much he weighs. (We haven’t been to a doctor and I still haven’t had my 6 week PP visit with the midwife.) He was born at 9 lbs. 6 oz. At 7 weeks 2 days we weighed just over 12 pounds!!! He was wearing a diaper and a one-piece outfit. So he’s gained about 2.5 pounds in just over 7 weeks! Noah weighed 12 pounds at about 4 months. John was even older. So I guess Isaiah’s gonna keep up his “chunkiness” and continue to be my big guy.

Also Isaiah gave me his first real smile the day before he turned one month old. He smiled at me 5 times in a row! It was so sweet. 3 weeks later he smiles ALL the time. He’s just so happy and I call him my “Smiley Guy.” I’m sure those of you who see him at church think I’m nuts since he always seems to sleep through the services. You’ll just have to trust me. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weighing In & Smiles

  1. Oh, I love it when my babies smile too, Leah! Before you know it that smile will turn into a small laugh and then giggles!

    He is getting to be a big boy! Elias is just now weighing 11 1/2 pounds, but he started out a lot smaller so to be expected. 🙂

  2. Hooray for chunky babies, and hooray for that Ergo (you will need it even more so with Isaiah!) 🙂

    I love those baby smiles, too. The first couple of times, you wonder if they are real, but then they keep giving you smiles.

    I have never thought to weigh my babies on grocery scales… I wonder how many other mamas sneak a weigh-in into their grocery trips? 😉

  3. Hi Leah,
    Yes he is quite a big boy!!! He definately looks much older to me…I think the fact that I see him once a week…all of your children are just growing by leaps and bounds! I hope that after the holidays that I can have you and some of the other women over to my house…I really miss seeing everyone at womens group on a regular basis…once a month is really hard!

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