A picture!

This is a picture of Isaiah just before we weighed him. Isn’t he just so precious?!?! 😉 I must say I’m so proud to be the mama of THREE handsome boys!!! I am truly blessed!!!

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9 thoughts on “A picture!

  1. Wow Leah! He is beautiful! I daresay you got one that looks just like you! 🙂

    I was so sorry not to see you and Isaiah on Wednesday night-I was hoping beyond hope to kiss the wee one and hug his Mama. I thank you so much for posting a picture of him!

    I was glad to see Scott and the boys in church on Sunday though. He is a proud Papa and from what Scott says, the boys didn’t need to adjust at all! That is wonderful news. I am SO happy for you and your family on this very blessed occasion! Much love!

  2. Leah, He is so beautiful…and it makes me so impatient to meet my own! It was wonderful to be able to hold him on Sunday…It is really shocking how quick you forget…which also makes me a little sad…I hope I never have to truly forget what little ones are all about (enough of these prego hormones!!!) Hope you are feeling good!

  3. Leah, I just wanted to say another Congratulations on the birth of new baby son! It was great seeing another photo of him, and like I said on Scott’s blog- he looks so much like you! 🙂 May God continue blessing you and your family as your quiver becomes more and more full 🙂

  4. Every new baby is the most precious endearing little thing in the world. What a sweet face Isaiah has. You are a blessed family, blessed beyond words. I can’t wait to hear your birth story!

  5. What a beautiful babe you have there, Leah. Congratulations again! I hope little Isaiah is cooperating a little better for you than my little one is. She’s got colic so we have been having some rough nights but I know this will pass eventually.

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