Thank you, Mark & Gwen!

I should’ve written this post earlier but I’ll do it now before I post anything else.

Thank you, Mark and Gwen for setting up this new blog for me! I love it! 🙂 I’m really enjoying playing around with all the cool new things here!

Mark & Gwen have a web hosting business called Christian . If you’re interested in creating a blog or moving an old blog to a new hosting site, I’d highly recommend the Shanecks!


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Mark & Gwen!

  1. Hi Leah-

    I like your new blog and have been enjoying reading about your pregnancy- we are due with number 18 at the end of January-the week of my fortieth birthday.

    I have a question for you. We recently moved to Alabama because of the military but realized shortly after we got here that we dont want to retire here-way too hot. We are seriously considering moving to upstate New York-north of Fort Drum. Land seems to be plentiful and not too expensive up there. Can you tell me anything about the area in regards to farming, homeschool, people, etc…? We would try to buy something next summer so we can start working on it.

    You can email me at


    Amy, Abundant Blessings

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