26 Weeks 5 Days & Growing!

I am now just 3 days shy of my 3rd trimester!!! I can hardly believe this baby will be making his or her appearance in just 3 short months!!! Give or take a week or two. 😉

We had a midwife appointment this afternoon. It went very well! My urine was negative for both glucose and protein. I’ve now regained the weight I lost over the first half of pregnancy. My blood pressure was excellent at 112/70! I’m measuring 26 weeks which is right on target. The baby’s heart rate was in the 160s which is what it has been all along. I took the Glucose Challenge Test which meant sitting in the midwife’s “office” for an hour. We then had blood drawn to check for gestational diabetes and anemia. We’re praying for great results from both tests!

The boys were able to help with both measuring the fundal height and using the Doppler to find baby’s heartbeat. Noah pulled the tape measure out and John pushed the button to let it back in. John squirted the gel stuff on the Doppler and Noah held it and turned it on. Then John took a turn holding it and got to turn it off. I think one of the most amazing things about using a midwife and having a homebirth is that my children get to be involved in the whole pregnancy and labor & delivery! The boys will not likely be in the room with me when I give birth but they will either be a stone’s throw away and Scott’s parents or be here in the house in another room. When delivery is imminent or has just occurred we can call them to the bedroom to meet their newest brother or sister.
Our next appointment is in 4 weeks on August 15th. I can hardly believe I’ll have less than 10 weeks to go ‘til my due date at that point!

We’re so thankful for such smooth, problem-free pregnancies so far. They are certainly a blessing. We continue to pray for healthy pregnancy and a safe, uncomplicated home delivery.

Here is a recent picture of my baby belly. I’ve posted a few previous pictures for comparison.

16w 3d
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20w 3d
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24w 3d
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5 thoughts on “26 Weeks 5 Days & Growing!

  1. Leah-you look BEAUTIFUL! Believe it or not, you don’t look any bigger than your last picture though. The only difference is your dress, which shows how HOT it has been lately! I am so thankful for your uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries too-it is a real blessing.

  2. Leah, that is such a great picture! I wish I would think to take more photos of me while pregnant. Maybe with the next one, Lord willing… The time has really flown by, hasn’t it? I liked reading how your boys helped out at the midwife’s office. So cute! 😀

  3. I ran across your site while browsing and just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy. We are due a week apart…you the week before me. We’re having another little girl so that will make 4 boys and 3 girls for us. I also think it’s awesome that you are doing a home birth. Were your other two homebirths? We talked about it for this one but in the end I’m just too chicken to try it. Wishing you all the best with the remainder of your pregnancy.

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