More belly shots!

It’s only been a couple weeks since I posted belly pics but I seem to have really “popped” in the last week! I’m now measuring 19-20 weeks even though I’m only 14 weeks 3 days today. My next midwife appointment is 2 weeks from tomorrow on May 9th. I’m anxious to see what she says about my measurements. Scott has already begun to prepare his parents for the possibility of twins as slight a chance as it may be. I’ve also talked a little to my sister.

So does it look like I’m growing to you?

6 weeks 3 days
Image hosting by Photobucket

11 weeks 3 days
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

14 weeks 3 days
Image hosting by Photobucket

9 thoughts on “More belly shots!

  1. Hi!
    I love your blog and your lifestule!! You ARE growing fast! I am on my third also – but I am heavier than you and I feel like all my FAT is just being pushed up:)
    You look beautiful!

  2. Ohhh! I just love the last photo of you, Leah! You look so happy to be pg! I would frame it if I were you. 🙂 You can really see the progress in the photos. I NEVER think of doing this, probably because I don’t like photos of myself! 😛

  3. Glad you’re safely back from your overly adventurous vacation. That last picture of you is so wonderful; as the baby gets bigger, so does your smile!

    And if you do have twins in there, John and I have some catch-up to do! ;+)

  4. Leah, I love your belly shots…I hope you keep on posting them. I will pray that God would bless you with twins. Cory and I prayed for twins one time…I keep thinking that we still might get them…probably when WE think we are all done…HA!

  5. Hi Leah,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I appreciate the information about rennet… not sure that our Wal-Mart would have it as California doesn’t have the Super Wal-Marts but I will check anyway!
    And I will also check my grocery stores!
    I love your blog…

  6. My belly starting popping out at 15 weeks. Now I’m getting quite big, and doing the preggy-waddle. 🙂

    Isn’t it nice when we show? It’s so much fun.

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