Sickness and catching up

Well we’ve had quite the last few days!

Saturday was a beautiful baby shower/tea party for one of the ladies from church. It was so fun! And did I mention it was beautiful?! Scott’s mom watched both boys for me so I was able to go alone! It was nice not to have to worry about them breaking any of the china or tea cups but I was so glad to cuddle with them when I got home!

Sunday we had a church meal after the worship service. It’s always so nice to get to spend time fellowshipping with friends! The rest of the day was pretty predictable until about 7:30PM. At that time John complained of a sore stomach and proceeded to throw up all over the couch. 😦 Poor little guy. He very rarely sick so when he was all done he said to me, “Mommy, what did I do?” He continued to throw up every few hours until about 1AM Monday morning.

At about 3:40AM Monday morning, Noah started throwing up. He was so scared. He really didn’t know what was going on. He continued to throw up every few hours until about 9AM Monday morning. When Scott back from the barn for breakfast he said he wasn’t feeling well. Thankfully, he never did have to throw up but he was in a lot of pain for about 24 hours.

Tuesday morning I felt kind of off but I wasn’t sure if it was pregnancy-related or if I was coming down with the same bug the rest of the family had. At about 4PM Tuesday I threw up. I felt somewhat better afterwards but I hate being sick. I went to bed almost as soon as Scott got home from the barn at about 6:30PM. I threw up again at about 9:30PM and started to feel better after that. I’m so glad we’ve all made it through this illness and that it wasn’t long-lasting.

Enough about sickness! Just thought I’d mention that I finally got all the new pictures of cards on my other blog My Card Creations. You can imagine why it’s taken me so long!

I hope that all of you are feeling well. Spring can not come soon enough!!!


2 thoughts on “Sickness and catching up

  1. Elizabeth threw up at the start of the week too! I am wondering if it is not coincidence. Perhaps you guys got food poisening or something from something you ate at the church meal! In anycase and whatever it was, I am glad that you are all over it! Throwing up is such a terrible thing to have happen and to deal with later (clean up and such) and it always breaks my heart to see a little one have to throw up.

  2. Hi Leah,
    I hope you all are feeling better! I heard through the grapevine that Ben and Michelles kids were sick too! Must be something going around…whatever it is we dont want any! HA! Hope all is well with your clan today!

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