Baby Names!!!

My husband, Scott, refuses to discuss baby names until we know I’m pregnant again! Well, now that I am pregnant, we’ve started occasionally discussing baby names! Below is a short list of some that we like and their meanings! I’d love to hear you reactions or suggestions! Here ya’ go!

Our top picks for a boy’s first name right now are:

Jeremiah ~ The Lord exalts
Nehemiah ~ The Lord’s comfort
Elijah ~ The Lord is my God

We also like:

Isaiah ~ The Lord helps me or salvation of God (my personal favorite!);)
Ezekiel ~ Strength of God
Malachi ~ Angel, messenger
Obadiah ~ Servant of God

Possible middle names for a boy are:

Joshua ~ The Lord is salvation
Joseph ~ Jehovah increases
Tobias ~ The Lord is good

Our possible first names for a girl so far are:

Esther ~ star (my favorite! It was my grandma’s name and I’ve wanted to use it ever since she passed away.)
Hannah ~ grace
Rebekah ~ joined
Sarah ~ princess
Beth ~ house
Bethany ~ house of figs and house of affliction or poverty

Possible middle names are:
Margaret ~ pearl (This is my other grandma’s middle name.)
Sophia ~ wisdom
Rosalie ~ rose garden
Ruth ~ friend, companion
Naomi ~ pleasant

The list goes on and on! Thankfully, we still have about 8 months or so. Our list will likely change between now and then. My favorite baby name book is gone. I like the meanings used in it much better than the ones in the book I’m currently using. I’m hoping to get a replacement copy soon.

So tell me. What do you think?! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Baby Names!!!

  1. I like Elijah, Isaiah and Malachi from your list for boys. We have a name all picked out! We’re naming our baby if it’s a boy, Elias John. Elisas is the New Testament form for Elijah, so the meaning is the same. Plus, we have an Elijah in our congregation.

    For your girls list, you have several that I think are beautiful, but I am a little biased…lol! Hannah is pretty as is Sarah (I have 2 daughters by those names), but I love Bethany, which if this baby is a girl, we are naming her Bethany Grace!

    Happy name choosing!

  2. I have been so blessed by Scott’s blog, but don’t make it over to yours that often. But I did want to rejoice with you on the coming wee one. And to express my hearty approval of your names list. I love people who give meaningful names to their children.

    I am especially partial to Bethany (my daughter in Bethany Joy), and Joseph (my youngest son) from your list.

    May the LORD Himself bless you greatly in this child, and bless this child with a long life of glorifying Him and enjoying Him forever.

  3. I love family names, so I like Esther the best from your list. When we’re choosing names, my first criterion is that is has to sound well with our family name, then it has to have a good solid meaning. Mega bonus if it’s a relative’s name.

    I also like “virtue” names – three of my girls have this kind of middle name: Joy, Grace, and Faith, though Joy and Faith are also family names.

  4. Leah, my personal picks are Elijah and Esther. Elijah Terry just has a good ring to it (at least to MY ears, lol). Esther is just a pretty name and a wonderful way to honor your grandma. I love running baby names through my head. I am already thinking of ones for our next baby, Lord willing! 🙂

  5. Leah,
    Baby Names and meanings are important to me as well, and you’ve thought of a bunch of wonderful names! Here are my favorite picks for you 🙂

    Boys: I like the names Isaiah, Elijah, and Malachi, and I love the name Tobias as a middle name! I agree with Michelle, Elijah Terry sounds very nice but I also think Isaiah Terry sounds wonderful. I like the sound of “John, Noah, and Isaiah” for some reason it sounds really nice!

    You’ve loved the name Esther since I met you, so personally I feel that if you had a girl, Esther would be a name that would mean something extra-special to you! As for middle names, I think Esther Ruth Terry, and Esther Rebekah Terry sound pretty nice together 🙂

  6. You have beautiful names on your list! I look forward to seeing what you decide. Lots of good options.

    Well. We have our boy now-and the name we will use…but that is hush hush. I will say though that our family tradition is to have a ‘namesake’ in the middle name. Corynn’s middle name is Elizabeth after my sister and my grandmother. Our sons’ middle name will be after Matt’s grandpa. And the list will go on and on and on. I like the meanings of names but don’t really go by them because if I like a name-I don’t want to trash it because it doesn’t have a wonderful meaning. But it is fun to figure out the meanings:by figure out I mean…ask my sister! 😉

    I figure, since it is not a girl, it is safe to share some of the options that we have floating around for girls. After all, you all will forget by the time I have a girl anyway! So, it will still be a surprise. I have a feeling we will use all of these at some point. That is, if we have enough girls! If you know the meanings of such names, I would be interested in finding that out.

    Franciose (I don’t even know how to spell it but Matt likes this one…)
    Cosette (I like this one but Matt thinks it is silly.)

    Some middle names for girls that are still floating around are Rose, Genevieve, Muriel, Juliann, Antoinette.

    So-them thar’s the names we have for our next six daughters, though not in order. 😉

  7. I personally like Elijah, but I am bias cause that’s the name of my firstborn (Elijah David). My second born’s middle name is Isaiah (Solomon Isaiah), so I like that one too :-D.
    Elijah Joseph Terry sounds good.
    For a girl, I like Hannah Sophia…grace and wisdom are great names to give a little girl. She’ll have a lot to live up to!
    I haven’t been blessed with a girl yet, but when we have one she will be named Charity Elise. Another boys name that we had picked out with the last preganacy is Gideon Ephraim (mighty warrior, fruitful). But Solomon (peace) seemed to fit his personality better :-D.

  8. Hi, great blog! Keep it up.

    I have a web site. It pretty much covers jewish baby name related stuff.
    Come and have a look if you get time 🙂

  9. Hey! I just checked out your blog today (I’m over at cmomb.).
    I have a son named Elijah also. Seems like it’s going to turn into a popular name. When my husband’s parents named him Jason, they thought it was really original. By the time he got to “school age,” there were a LOT of Jason’s!
    I really think the same thing is going to happen with “Elijah.”
    When I choose a name for my child, I use one that is ‘original’ for me. Meaning I haven’t personally met anyone by that name.
    Have fun!

  10. Leah, congratulations on your new little one!! We are praying for you!
    For girls, I love love love Esther Margaret…but perhaps that’s because I have a Hadassah Margaret (Hadassah being the “original” name of Esther.) Margaret is my and Jason’s grandmother’s name.
    We also love Obadiah for a boy, and as we are praying fervently for another blessing, we know that if it’s a boy it’s what we’ll use. Our oldest knew that it would be Hadassah or Obadiah, and I know we’ll never get away with naming a boy anything else! (He’s very persistent, LOL!)
    Whatever y’all pick will be wonderful…you’ve done great so far! (we have a Noah, too!) 🙂 Blessings to you and your family!!

  11. We have 5 girls:
    Ariel Diane
    Merriah Ann
    Grace Elizabeth
    Rachel Loretta
    Rebecca Miriam

    And 1 boy:
    Thomas Sharp

    We hve another girls name picked out for the future: Hannah Marie

    What about Grace Hannah or Hannah Grace?

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