A very good appointment!

My appointment went very well today! We went over what’s happened with me since Noah’s birth, including first PPAF, LMP, etc. I also took a urine sample and weighed myself. She check my blood pressure and gave me a basic health check. We discussed my EDD and she agreed that we should adjust for ovulation on cd17. We decided not to check for size of the uterus. We just didn’t feel there was a need to do an internal at this point. We agreed to do a PAP after baby is born. I just love my midwife! I love being so involved in my prenatal care and actually having someone listen to me, believe that I know what I’m talking about, and agree to a very non-interventive course of prenatal care! It would be so hard to see an OB after having seen midwives for all my prenatal visits! Did I say I love my midwife?! 🙂

My next appointment is in 5 weeks when I will be 10 weeks, 5 days. We’re hoping to hear the heartbeat but I never hear it early. I’m too well padded I guess. *blush* We usually hear it sometime after 12 weeks. Oh well, it will be fun to try! I can hardly wait to hear my precious little one’s heartbeat!

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