More exciting news!!!

My sister called me this morning, shortly after 7AM. She told me that she’s expecting again, too!!! She just found out this morning! We are due just 3 days apart!!! How cool is that?! Unfortunately she lives about 5 hours from me but we hope to see a lot of each other over the summer! My mom is going to have a hard time knowing where to be, with whom, and for how long! I know God has it all planned out already and His plan is perfect!

I’m so excited to be pregnant with my sister again! I was 12 weeks pregnant John when her second child was born. Then I got pregnant with Noah and delivered him. She got pregnant a few months later and then delivered her third. Now we are pregnant together again, she with her 4th and me with our 3rd! I’m so thrilled!!!


5 thoughts on “More exciting news!!!

  1. Wonderful! I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant at the same time as Becky, too. It’s neat to anticipate your own child’s arrival around the same time as his or her cousin’s! Long-range congratulations to you both!

  2. That is wonderful news. Just one more reminder that God’s timing is PERFECT. Congrats to your sister!

    Matt told me on Sunday that she is having some sickness at her house? I hope all the kiddos (and herself) are feeling well again!

  3. Congratulations again Leah! I really enjoyed when I was pregnant with Grace, and Rebecca with Corynn! Hopefully, Rebecca and I will be able to enjoy being pregnant again together sometime in the future- it would be much fun 🙂

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