More on Altered Books

A couple of people have emailed me with questions about how to make altered books. I thought I would go ahead and add some more specific instructions to my blog for anyone else who may have questions. Making altered books is so fun! And it can be very inexpensive!

1) I went to Target and bought composition notebooks for 50 cents each. (Composition notebooks are the ones with a black binding and usually a black and white speckled cover.)

2) I then took 3 (or 4) sheets of 12 X 12 scrapbook paper. I cut the first two pieces of paper slightly larger than the cover. I don’t cover the black binding so you will need to adjust the size of your paper for that. I think I cut mine about 7 X 10. With the 3rd (and 4th) piece of paper I measured and cut for the inside cover. Beware these pieces will need to be bigger! I think I cut mine about 10 X 10. If you have 4 pieces of paper cut both inside covers. If you only have 3 (which is all I had) you can piece the inside of the back cover. With most papers you can’t even tell!

3) I used spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the covers of the books. Spray adhesive is VERY sticky. Be very careful and work slowly! Spray adhesive dries quickly to so you can keep working on your book! I used a rotary cutter to trim the edges of the paper. You could also use a utility knife. (I preferred the rotary cutter.)

4) My mom found some really neat closures for the books at Walmart. (I’m not sure what they are called. I’ll try to get a close up picture of them when I can.) I added the ribbon to the closure and then glued it to the front and back covers of the book. The glue we used took a little while to dry so I usually called it a day then went back to working on the book the next day.

5) I tried to use as many found objects as I could for the front of the books. One of my favorites was pictures from old books! I also used old postage stamps, buttons, play money, scrabble tiles, dominoes, etc. My mom had some vellum scrapbook paper that looked like an old newspaper and also some that was definitions from a dictionary. I cut these apart and used them on my binder and a couple of the books I made. You could also use stickers, die cuts, or any other scrapbooking embellishments. I just laid out all the things I had found on top of each book so that I liked the way it looked. Then I used a tape runner to secure all the paper items to the book. I used the same glue for the buttons, scrabble tiles, etc as I had for the closures.

I sure hope this helps you get started on making your own altered books! I’ve had so much fun making them!

If anyone else has any more questions, feel free to ask me either here or in an email!


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