Student of the Word

Rebecca recently posted on her blog, Renaissance, about her homeschooling concerns. I just had to share that the Lord has brought to my attention what seems to be a wonderful curriculum option for homeschooling moms and dads!!! A lady on CMOMB told us about a curriculum using the Bible as the main resource! It is called Student of the Word. It can be used from kindergarten through 12th grade! Here’s a link to the website which is loaded with lots of information. Student of the Word They also have a message board(found on their site) and a Yahoo group for those interested. Here’s the link to the Yahoo group. 0-StudentsoftheWord I hope that someone else benefits from this information! I’m so excited to receive the information I requested!!!

3 thoughts on “Student of the Word

  1. Hi Leah!

    I have heard of this curric. It does sound interesting, doesn’t it?

    I wish there weren’t so many good-sounding ones! It boggles the mind! Thanks for the links. 🙂


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