A piece of history gone forever. :(

My parent’s live in a very old house that was built by one of my mother’s great, great grandfathers. I’m not sure how many generations back but I do know the house is over 200 years old. On the property were several old outbuildings, including a chicken coop and a granary, and a big barn. I worked very hard one late winter month getting all the old hay out of the hay mow. I was hoping that we would be able to replace a couple rotting beams and use the barn as it had once been used. There were really neat draft horse stalls in the downstairs. It had a tin roof and still had the old lightning rods. Well this last fall my parent’s had the big barn torn down. 😦 I was and still am very sad. After the sides were taken off my parent’s realized how stright the barn still stood but it was too late. The people taking the barn down had already been promised the wood as payment for their taking the barn down. The only consolation it that the barn will be rebuilt on the new owners property and turned into a house! Here are some pics of the whole process. I didn’t get as many as I had wanted to but some is better than none.


2 thoughts on “A piece of history gone forever. :(

  1. Leah,

    It must have hurt to see that barn come down. We don’t yet have one, but hope to someday; don’t know when, as too many other things push that down the list of priorities.

    It’s great that you all are so close to both your families, and that they are farmers!

    Mary Susan

  2. Mary Susan, it was a very sad event. 😦 But through it all God has given me an even stronger desire to see our homestead be the multi-generational farm we dream of!

    And it is so great to be near both sets of grandparents! Something I didn’t get to experience during my childhood.

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