Sweet Pickle Relish

Here are pictures of my Sweet Pickle Relish, before and after. Can’t wait to try it out some hamburgers this winter!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Pickle Relish

  1. Leah,
    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We saw your mom and dad about 2 weeks ago as they dropped in for the Sunday morning worship service. It’s always nice to see them again!

    Your canned vegetables look yummy! I’m hoping to have a bigger garden next year so that canning will be a possibility also.

  2. Barbara, I was so surprised and excited to find your blog! I didn’t realize who you were until after I commented. Then it hit me, that has to be Barbara R. from Shinn’s Run! As I read your posts I was trying to remember your children’s names! Yes, my parents are quite the travelers now. I only wish I could come with them on their next trip to WV! I hope you’re able to grow a bigger garden next year, too! I look forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Yep, that’s me! I think the last time I saw you, you were expecting Noah. I don’t believe I was expecting when I saw you last. We were blessed with #6 last July, another girl who we named Chara Faith. My children’s names are Catie, Sara, Micaela, Hannah, Timothy and Chara.

    You have been very busy with canning! It’s always such a blessing when you can harvest from your very own garden. We finally got 5 tomatoes from ours and I expect to have a some more in the next few days.

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