Oh, I almost forgot to post the picture of my sink full of tomatoes!!! Scott picked all these early this afternoon with a little help from Noah! 😉 These are the tomaotes that are right now being turned into spaghetti sauce!

7 thoughts on “Tomatoes!!!

  1. Abby,

    I added seasonings before I canned it. I suppose you could do it either way. I think, though, that all those months in the jars with the seasonings might make it that much more flavorful. Just a thought.


  2. That’s so true! Yesterday I was SO upset-Corynn picked the best looking green pepper we had (which was supposed to turn orange when it was ripe!) I wanted that orange pepper so bad!

    She did really well blueberry season. She learned the color blue by picking only the blue ones.

    I only WISH we had this many tomato’s!!!!

  3. Christina, our little guy that loves to “help” in the garden also love to eat anything and everything right out of the garden raw tomatoes, green beans, peas, etc!

    Kerri, I’m sorry about your tomatoes. 😦 It must be very frustrating. Thanks for your comment, by the way!

    Rebecca, sorry about your pepper. Congrats on Corynn learning the color blue! I’m sorry your tomato crop was less than desirable.

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