A busy day once again!

Well, I finally got around to posting the pictures I promised yesterday. I’ll post some recipes soon!

Yesterday I got 7 more pints of summer squash pickles done and started my first batch of spaghetti sauce. We finished it early this afternoon! Scott said he really likes it! I’m so happy!

I’ve been working on spaghetti sauce again today. It’s a lot of work! Oh, but I can’t wait to open a jar of it in the middle of winter! Yum! I was going to work on sweet pickle relish but I just haven’t had the time. Maybe tomorrow!

John and Noah are both asleep at the moment. It doesn’t happen very often! I’m enjoying a few moments of doing nothing before we go finish the spaghetti sauce.

I stopped at the local farmer’s market this morning. I had to pick up some red and green peppers for the pickle relish I want to make. There were quite a few vendors today. Scott and I hope to be able to set up there ourselves next summer. We will see how the Lord leads. We have a lot of “homework” to do before get started. It will be a great project for this winter!

Well, I’d better go get the sauce finished up!

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