Back into the swing of things!

Well after of busy weekend of picnicing, spending time with family and friends, and worshipping with my family on the Lord’s Day, I am back to the canning scene! I’m just having so much fun!!! Today I’m planning on making more Summer Squash Pickles, something with my tomatoes and something with the cukes my mother-in-law gave me. I’ve already got the summer squash pickles going! They should be done soon! I’ll be posting pictures and recipes later on today! Gotta go make the syrup for my pickles!


One thought on “Back into the swing of things!

  1. Busy, busy! We’ve been gobbling up all that our little plot produces as fast as it ripens, so I haven’t canned anything yet.

    Once our canning tomatoes ripen, I’m going to can tomatoes and sauce, but until then, I can vicariously through your blog!

    Keep up the great work, Leah! It’s a satisfying thing to store the fruits of your labor for the cold days.

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