My birthday gifts!

A few short weeks ago, I turned 28. My wonderful husband bought me two new books! I always love getting books! Anyway, the books he got me are nice hardcover ones! The first one is called Home-Making and was written by J. R. Miller. It was originally published in 1882! I have yet to read much in it but what I have read so far has been excellent! The other book I got is called Verses of Virtue ~ The Poetry and Prose of Christian Womanhood. It was compiled and edited by Elizabeth Beall Phillips. I have also not finished this book but am enjoying it immensely! I will be posting some of the poetry and prose from this book sporadically but hopefully consistently! I look forward to spending more time posting about my life and family!


5 thoughts on “My birthday gifts!

  1. Books are such wonderful birthday gifts, especially when they’re such wonderful ones! The Miller book sounds really neat; I’d love to see it next time we visit. John’s mom gave me the Verses of Virtue book last year; I still haven’t read all of it, though. I read almost the entire “Blessed Motherhood” section and found it very encouraging. The poem “Mother, Mother, Watch and Pray” is one that I remember striking me to the quick…

    I look forward to poetry, prose, picture, and plentiful postings!

    And, now, to you personally (rather than via Scott’s blog), I wish you a happy birthday and hopes for a blessed 28th year!

  2. Hurray! It is good to see you back in Blogdom! I look forward to the plentiful posts and pictures! I see you all each week-but it is STILL fun to look at pictures! 🙂

  3. I ran across your blog becuase I too am living the homesteader lifesyle…well, as best I can in the city. I am a christian as well and hope you check out my blog. :o)

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