Counting my blessings!

I just wanted to share what the Lord has did for me and my family yesterday. Recently I decided that I would switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Mostly for financial reasons but also for a few others. A family member introduced me to Freecycle recently. I have been able to offer some things and have also asked others for things, specifically cloth diapers. Well, three ladies responded to my ISO (in search of) post. Yesterday I was able to pick up cloth diapers from two of the 3 ladies. The first lady, who lived about 25 minutes away, gave me a 21 gallon Rubbermaid-type tub FULL of cloth diapers! And not the old-fashioned kind like our mothers and/or grandmothers used but the newer fancy ones!!! I praised God the whole way home! I stopped at the barn to tell Scott about how good God was to us! The second lady only lived a few miles away in a nearby town. At lunchtime Scott and I drove to the second ladies house. She greeted me at the door and invited me in. She handed me a small bag of diapers and asked me how old our boys were. I told her how old they were. She said, “Could you use some boys clothes?” I said, “We can always use boys cloths!” She had me follow her to a back room where there was a huge box full of boys clothes! There were also a few baby girl things. She ended giving me all the clothes for free also! I am now able to give my sister, who was in labor today and may have had her baby girl by now, a nice sized box full of little girl clothes that will fit baby Alana right away! There were also some boys clothes that are too small for John and Noah that I am going to give a friend from church. She has lost two babies, one of which was a little girl who was born prematurely at about 20 weeks and only lived for about 1.5 hours. God has blessed her with a healthy pregnancy! She is due with a little boy in April! She has lots of girl clothes but not much at all for a little boy. I am just so thankful for what God has done for me and what I am now able to do for others! Praise God for his provision!


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